Your Money and Your Life – Gone in Sixty Seconds Flat!


Cybercrime is on the rise. Your money and your life: Disappeared in a sixty-second apartment! "How?", You ask. Well, let me explain a few of the many ways that cyber criminals steal your money and literally your life, and they can do it in seconds, not in minutes.

  • You may not be the only one to use your computer. Cybercriminals called hackers may be using your computers and you may not even know it. Do you ever know if your computer has been taken over and used by a hacker? Not likely. When a computer hacker hacks a computer, the victim rarely knows it. A computer that has been hijacked is a computer that is completely taken over by a hacker or a group of hackers to be used for its own purposes. The idea is that the true owner of the computer never knows that his system has been hacked. Hackers can therefore use it secretly at any time and at will.
  • Personal information is now so readily available that a total stranger having nothing more than an online connection and a credit card could find out all there is to know about you. He or she could build a complete record about yourself, your family members, your friends, your co-workers or your rivals without having specific training in the investigation.
  • Identity theft fears are not limited to spyware or stolen records in the company's databases. It turns out that the neighbor next door can be just as worrying. "Surely, using the Internet to spy on average citizens is our next big social problem," said Avivah Litan, security analyst of identity theft issues at the Gartner research company.
  • One of the latest trends in hacking is called "Drive-by Hacking". Popular wireless Internet access points have become a major target for hackers. Hackers simply take their laptops in their cars and drive away from business parks or residential neighborhoods looking for open wireless networks. This is the latest version of the remote garage door shuttlecock where criminals would use universal remotes to open garage doors without arousing the suspicions of neighbors, police or residential security companies.
  • The new trend recently discovered: online dangers in hotels. The authorities worry about the number of victims of travelers who said that their personal or financial information had been stolen after using a computer in the hotel business center. It appears that the keystroke logging software uses criminals to record the victim's strikes. See related story: ABC News Video: online dangers in hotels.

As cybercriminals are always on the move and offering new creative solutions to steal people's money, it would be wise to inform us about the attacks, risks and threats they commit. Learn everything you can, then take evasive and preventative measures. Get the strongest protection possible that best suits your needs. The best defenses combine education and managed protection services. Individual or combined anti-spyware, anti-virus and anti-spam software, individually or in combination, may not provide sufficient protection, as hackers appear to remain a part of these programs. Current products available on the market do not offer you any personalized assistance. If you need help, you will pay for it again and again! If you need to remove a virus with these cheap programs, you will pay it. You may get technical assistance from the manufacturer of your computer for security reasons, but in most cases this will probably not be the case. Even if you do, it will probably be for a price, and one that repeats itself if you need extra help on the road.

To protect yourself, you need a team of Internet security experts to ensure that you, your family, and your business computer are always safe. The best protection you can have in the ever-changing world of cyber attacks is to have expert support for all your Internet security needs, which will provide hassle free technical support and without charging you fees. additional. This will become even more critical than today. You must find your own team of experts you can rely on. If you encounter a security problem, you may want to call on a trusted expert who can call for professional help without any worries or additional costs!

Remember: When you say "no!" for hackers and spyware, everyone wins! When you do not do it, we all lose!

© MMVII, Etienne A. Gibbs, MSW, internet safety advocate and educator


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