The Importance Of DRM (Digital Rights Management)


The advent of modern technology and the internet means that it has become easier than ever to get copies of our favorite television programs, music tracks, albums and movies, like never before. While copying a program recorded on video tape resulted in a non-standard copy, the quality of a digital copy differs little from that of the original.

This is where digital rights management (DRM) comes in. Digital Rights Management (DRM) is a way to protect digital files from copyright theft and can be applied in many different circumstances.

Images, files and programs

Many large companies are now using digital rights management (DRM) to protect their products. For example, you can buy a DVD of your favorite TV program and find that you can not make a copy.

Of course, copying in this way is illegal, so companies are protecting their rights properly.

But digital rights management (DRM) can also be an obstacle in some circumstances. Suppose you buy an eBook about the history of your favorite TV show, accompanied by an episode guide.

You decide that you want to print a copy so that you always have the episode guide handy when you decide which episode you want to watch. The problem is that if the creator has exercised his right to use digital rights management (DRM), you may find that he has forbidden you to print a copy.

This is really to prevent you from printing copy after copy and selling it yourself, but this limits the practicality of the product itself for the user.

Protect the author's right

Digital Rights Management (DRM) is essentially about protecting copyright owners from the loss of sales of their eBooks, DVDs, and other items. According to the theory, the easier it is to copy and distribute digital works via the Internet and compact discs, the more the copyright owner will lose sales and, therefore, the less money he earns. his own work.

This is true, but it also hurts the rights of consumers, who now find that they are extremely limited in the use of their digital files.

So, if you want to create a memorable DVD for someone's birthday and set it to music, you may find that even using an excerpt from a televised theme, a particular song or even a line or two of your favorite movie out of the question due to the functioning of DRM (Digital Rights Management).

The big media companies are watching you closely.

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