The Difference Between Hackers and Crackers


When most people think of computer security, the word hacker comes to mind. Another word also associated with bad computer behavior is cracker and most of the time, the two words are used interchangeably, but they are not the same thing.

A hacker is a person who has many computer skills and enjoys the challenges of solving technical problems. This includes breaking down and infiltrating computers and networks. The goal of hackers is not to cause harm, but the technical aspects and the way to overcome them fascinate them and they see it as a learning and status symbol among the hacker community.

An individual does not give himself the title of hacker, but it is up to the community to give him that title if the person has demonstrated the required knowledge and proved it. A hacker believes that the information should be free and that it documents how it has overcome some difficulties so that others can take advantage of it. This sharing enhances the status of the person concerned and, on the whole, benefits the community.

Unlike a hacker, the goal of a hacker is to cause harm and gain an advantage by causing damage to the computer or network owner, for example. by stealing credit card details or installing malicious software.

Hackers view hackers as a weak life and strive to distinguish themselves from them, but it's not easy, especially when the media insist that everyone is called a pirate.

The difference between a hacker and a hacker may not seem like much to the average person because after all the two enter unauthorized computers and networks, but in reality there is a big difference because what account is what the person does after infiltrating a network.

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