The Difference Between a Hacker and Scratch Golfer Is Patience and Persistence


As stated in the title, a major difference between a computer hacker (high handicap) and a scratch golf player (low handicap) is patience and persistence. They remain extremely patient, disregarding their slow and steady progress on the golf course, while still being persistent even when they have bad days on the course and feel like never before. 'improve.

Becoming a scratch golf player is a matter of trial and error during your tournaments, your general game and your workouts.

So, the average chances of a hole in one shot for a given golfer are about 8 000/1. Now, it would take on average 8,000 sets of one by 3 before you touch it.

Breaking the data even further: say that your local golf course that you play regularly has 5 Par 3. You would need 1,600 rounds of golf before touching that hole at once. It's a lot of golf games.

If you played on average twice a week during the year, then you are over 15 years old.

Now, I'm not saying that all this is 100% scientific – we're only looking for averages, because nothing says you're the first to shoot, or you can never get a hole in one.

I want to come to the point that if you played only 10 rounds of golf before giving up, will you succeed? Of course not; you succeed when you are patient and persistent. This can be applied to improve on and off the golf course, not just golf, for anything in life.

Why do you need patience?

Let's go back to the example used above. If you do not become patient even if each shot fails to hit a hole-in-one, you will never shoot the shot that goes for the hole-in-one.

We could say that there is no chance, because this stroke of luck consists in remaining patient, continuing and waiting for the opportunity to present itself.

Why persistence is necessary

Now, let's say that you never mix things up during your workouts, learning different techniques for which you are weaker, for example. You will never be perseverant enough to develop better golf skills, even if your scores do not drop.

If you are patient and persistent In your game, you will succeed and become a fashionable golf player, otherwise you will only remain a hacker for a very long time.

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