Security Guard Post Orders


Post orders are all the rules that security guards must follow at a given position. Without a job order, the officers simply do not know what to do, what is expected of them and there is no responsibility. Many positions that hire security personnel do not put anything in writing. Most often, this creates huge problems. The more complicated an article is, the more problems there are when rules and expectations are not written. Security personnel must know what is expected of them. Below are some key ingredients that all post orders must have.

1] Emergency contact information. This should include all tenants' phone numbers in case something happens to them. Obviously, building management and police information should also be included, as well as maintenance and engineering.

2] Emergency procedures must also be described, including but not limited to, bomb threats, fire, theft, flood, kidnapping and the list goes on.

3] Lockout procedures must also be covered.

4] Any relevant phone book information is usually included.

5] The registration policy involves access to couriers, guests and customers. The most specific is the best. Do all visitors have to register? Are V.I.P exempted?

6] The reporting requirements are usually illustrated with examples. DAR, also known as daily activity reports, should include an example of what is considered appropriate for a day's work so that officers know how much they should be in their report. Incident reports are also important because they are used in serious accidents and are often brought to court to prove legal actions.

7] Customer service skills, which are an important element of security, need to be emphasized and defined so that agents know clearly how the customer wants people to be treated. Some clients, for example, have a very strict anti-fraternization policy.

There is much more information to include in postal orders. Each account is different and the rules must be adapted to take into account these differences.

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