Proven Physical Health Benefits of Kid’s Yoga and T’ai Chi


The National Association for Sport and Physical Education recommends elementary school children to accumulate between 30 and 60 minutes of physical activity and physical activity appropriate for their development each day in various activities. and not to stay long inactive.

As a parent; practicing hungry for many forms of exercise (jogging, walking, swimming, cycling, weightlifting, etc.); and Master Teacher of many forms of yoga, t-chi and qigong, I am personally and professionally convinced that part of each child's exercise program includes the oldest forms and the most practiced physical, mental and energetic exercises of world yoga. , you have chi and qigong.

According to a Chinese master, it is the most advanced realization ever done in the field of body exercises and conditioning mind.

And the very first qigong routine ever developed was frolicking or imitating animals.

Whatever your condition, age, shape or size, physical and mental well-being is a matter of movement.

And that's what moving, twisting, turning and freezing like a pet-a-chi or yoga does STIMULATE, MOVE and BUILD our energy!

Even children with physical and / or mental challenges will benefit from claiming to be a powerful animal by simply reaching their own level of flexibility, ability and enjoyment.

Many visualization studies show that children can even achieve remarkable results by imagining and having the impression of moving like an animal while remaining perfectly motionless and silent.

A student in the third grade said: "Last week you taught me how to feel an energy ball. Every night, I make a red energy ball and I take it to sleep with me. I sleep a lot better now. "

Pretending to be powerful and graceful animals provides all the benefits of a rigorous workout, but, as it's not tiring, it does not have any potential side-effects harmful.

The health benefits of yoga, tai chi and qigong have been studied for almost 2,000 years in China and India.

Over the last 20 years, Western medical research has rapidly discovered what Chinese medicine has long understood, namely, that yoga, tai chi, and qigong offer more benefits than any other exercise.

This is why they are rapidly participating in the US's efforts for self-reliance and healing, as evidenced by the courses taught at Kaiser Permanente Hospitals, the Mindfulness Program of the Complementary Medicine Clinic in the United States. Stanford University and the meditation / yoga classes of the University of Massachusetts at Jon Kabat-Zinn. Center.

Dr. Kenneth M. Sancier, Ph.D. "The main conclusion of many studies is that Qigong allows the body to heal itself."

Pretending to be an eagle, a bear, a tiger, a dragon, a gorilla, a deer and a monkey will rotate your children's bodies about 95 percent of the ways they can be rotated. The next closest Western exercise is swimming, which only rotates about 65% of the body's potential movements.

Other forms of exercise, such as jogging, for example, improve circulation, but do not directly benefit all our internal organs, such as animal gambades.

Imitating animals will help the natural development of your child's body. It can be elegant and graceful like a deer, trimmed and strong like a tiger, fast and agile like a monkey, or bulky and powerful like a gorilla. But he will not be overweight and out of shape.

While entertaining claiming to be these chi animals, your kids naturally and easily develop their bodies and minds.

A third-year American teacher said, "I feel that the deep breathing, flexibility, balance, and coordination they experienced while practicing Tai Chi improved their physical and mental well-being and improved their learning. They came back positive, confident and focused in class.

Playing with these special Chi animals improves circulation, strengthening the immune system. With a stronger immune system, your child may have fewer days of illness, which will seem less traumatic. They will have more time to play and do the things they like to do while their physical and emotional well-being gets stronger and stronger.

Yon Lee, an instructor at Harvard University, conducted a study in the 1980s and discovered that students in grades 3, 4, and 5 practicing tai chi for 30 minutes once a week reduced their blood pressure by about 10% on average.

Then he said, "I think you can never be too young to learn or do chi.You do not have to understand the philosophy of the t'i chi to make the "I have chi." The kids are just enjoying it.

Playing as animals integrates the mind and body, skeletal and muscular systems, as well as the left and right brains, which improves overall athletic abilities and the power to control functions and abilities from the body.

The spirits and bodies of children are growing at a phenomenal rate. They must therefore constantly work with new and different organizations, which makes coordination and balance a major problem. Research has shown that animal frolics enhance balance, thus allowing your child to experience a gift of balance and coordination throughout his or her lifetime. life.

The frog is also one of the best anti-arthritic, which affects many children and adults.

In addition, a regular practice of animal frolicking can physiologically relieve back pain, improve posture and bone density, loosen joints, improve muscle tone , possibly to help treat MS, treat ADD and ADHD, increase respiratory capacity, calm the central nervous system, help ensure a full range of mobility and reduce the amount of Stress hormones, as well as asthma and allergic reactions.

Gambading as graceful, powerful and beautiful animals is a safe, fun and effective way to maintain the excellent physical and mental health they will retain in adulthood and help them succeed in everything they do!

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