Prevent Low Tech Hacking With On Site Shredding


Each company generates and must store sensitive information. It may be trade secrets such as research and development, customer lists, vendor lists or accounting records. They are also sensitive personal information about your employees and, if you offer credit, your customers. Both types of sensitive information are actively targeted as you read this; the trade secrets of your competitors and the personal information of the identity thieves.

Many companies are putting a lot of effort into preventing hacking of their computers over the Internet. There are definitely hackers trying to penetrate your secure networks, but it's usually a lot easier to hack into a business without even touching the keyboard. It is usually easier to steal your information with a smile or latex gloves.

It's time to evaluate your defenses for a tech hacker. Look around your desk. Do you keep sensitive information on your desk during the night? Are all your workbooks locked? How about your documents waiting to be shredded? Are they in a basket or worse, in the trash? Most offices throw a treasure of information every night. Once in the dumpster, this is considered a public good by the Supreme Court.

Throwing personal information in the trash is against the law for companies under the Fair and Precise Credit Transactions Act (FACTA). In Texas, the Attorney General has thrown confidential information into the trash and sentenced corporations to multi-million dollar fines. Ex-employees and groups with political agendas are also digging in garbage cans for the purpose of discrediting the company.

An on-site shredding service (also called mobile shredding) is a simple solution to protect your business from all garbage divers. As its name indicates, an industrial shredder is brought to your site for shredding. The owner of the business can attend the entire destruction process.

Worried that your shredding takes them all day? Do not. These shredders are built in trucks and shred 5,000 to 7,000 pounds at the time. This is more than 150 boxes of hardware files transformed into bits. If you measure the size of the opening, it will be 17,500 sheets at a time. The department will then be responsible for recycling the shreds of paper.

On-site shredding services also provide you with locked containers for document collection. They arrive regularly and your confidential documents are safe before shredding. All you have left is proof that the shredding was done correctly.

The best part is that the cost of using a service is lower than that of employee salaries. Your employees can focus on growing your business and not waste time trying to unravel the shredder.

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