Our Family Safety and Security First


The revolution is there when it comes to safety and protection products for the home. Progress has been made in electronic technology, lighting and surveillance, cameras and a host of other useful inventions. New products and devices are available almost everywhere.

Formerly unknown, robots are now well accepted at home in the form of cleaners and companions at home. You can alert the owner of your home of unwanted activities inside and outside the home and access them with a smartphone so that he can see using the robot's face recognition technology, at you or outside.

LED lighting is now very popular. Size is a significant advantage. In most cases, they can be kept in cabinets or drawers and kept for up to 18 months without being used. They also consume very little energy and have a much brighter light than traditional lighting. We can see that they are used in new construction sites, businesses, roads and transport.

Motion detection products are another widely used product in homes and businesses. While still monitoring your work area or home. Motion detectors only turn on when something or someone crosses their path, which can be a great saving of electricity or batteries.
Do not expect anything to go wrong or that your family, friends or neighbors are not concerned about the safety of your home. In fact, negligible and preventable accidents are much more damaging in the majority of cases.

Here are some things to consider:
1. Create an escape plan and talk to the family about it.
2. Provide an exit point for each room in case of fire.
3. Inform everyone where to meet after an emergency or natural disaster.

If it is not supported, it can cause injury and rips. Move around the house and fix problems of disrepair or safety. Examples of loose handrails, slippery rugs, broken appliances, rough or frayed wires, and broken steps prevent common household accidents such as falls.

If you have a home security checklist that you are one of the few, keep it up to date.

Some points to watch are reinforced doors, dead locks, smoke and glass detectors and never hide a key outside the house.

Give the key to a neighbor, cancel your paper and tell the post office to hold your mail, inform your neighbors of your departure and the time of your return so that they can keep an eye on everything.

The more we are aware and aware of our environment, the more secure everyone will be in and around our home.

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