Making a Case for Computer Internet Security


So, what is the problem with computer internet security? Most people just do not understand how their lives revolve around computers and, in recent years, the Internet. It is very likely that if you own a computer, as do more and more people, you also spend some time visiting the Internet, whether for your hobbies, shopping, for education or for communication purposes. We should not be surprised to learn that, besides the many benefits that flow from it, there is also the sinister side of the use of computers and the Internet. This is represented by the criminal elements, who see the Internet as a great opportunity to make personal gains through illegal activities designed to steal and deceive innocent users. Some of these more common methods include:

1. Computer Piracy or illegal intrusion into the contents of your computer. These people known as "hackers" spend most of their work hours trying to find ways to thwart the Internet security of your computer so you can access the contents of your computer without your knowledge. Using a wide range of underhanded techniques, they can find unsafe areas in software, add malicious code to computer programs, send infected emails, and more. The ultimate goal is to be able to access the personal and personal information stored on your computer. The most useful information is bank account information, credit card numbers and private passwords that the hacker can then use to steal your money and more.

2. Online scams and frauds are becoming more and more common . In recent years, a scam called "phishing" has become very popular. These are cyber criminals who claim to be employees of bona fide financial institutions, such as major banks and credit card companies, who send very genuine emails asking people to confirm their passwords and account information. banking. Most people, by their very nature, have enough trust in established institutions such as banks and are quite willing to comply with these e-mail requests. Even the online gaming community has been hit hard by this type of scam or fraud. This helps to explain the sharp increase in phishing schemes in recent years.

3. The theft of identity is also on the rise. Once the hacker has access to all your confidential information, it is very easy for another person to assume your identity, especially in online transactions where no physical contact is required.

4. viral infections may not seem as dangerous as some of the aforementioned computer security threats, but they can go from being just annoying by slowing down the speed of your computer or by becoming a major disaster by erasing all the information stored on your computer . Hard disk storage system. Imagine the damage a big business could cause if all the information stored in its computer system was suddenly lost!

5. Spyware , as their name indicates, are programs used to spy on you and illegally obtain confidential information. Unless you have adequate protection to prevent this, you will not even know that a spy program has infected your computer. Once there, his main task is to gather information, especially sensitive data such as credit card account numbers, bank account information, passwords, and so on. and pass them secretly to its creator, who then uses them to steal money and anything of value. with this private information. This type of program is so secret that some reports claim that 92% of people who own spyware on their computer did not realize it before it was too late.

6. Adware infections alone are simply very annoying because they let unwanted ads appear on your computer. Shareware programs, which can be downloaded for free, are major sources of adware infection. The bad news is that adware often also contains spyware, which, as we have seen, is far more dangerous to have on your computer.

So let's go back to our original question. Why do you need Internet security? Given our discussion to date, the consequences that you will face if you do not invest in any type of quality computer security need to be clearly defined. The next step is to find a good computer Internet security software that will give you the protection you need, at an affordable price.

This is a task for which the Internet is perfectly suited, because you can check the websites of magazines and products to find out what is available, at what price, and easily see the best and worst computer Internet security products on the basis of rankings and user reviews.

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