Maintaining Quality Security Standards in the Hospitality Industry


Hotel security, as far as guards are concerned, requires fully trained security guards; PSIRA registered, competent and competent, and of course, presentable and well cared for. Especially when the offer of services and the appearance of service elements in the hospitality sector are of great importance, it is essential that the hotels / hostels have of a security solution integrated with the standards of presentability and service.

On the other side of the fence, where a large number of security companies are serving the private security industry, it is obvious that in some sectors of the security industry, a lack of customer participation and on-site experiences is perceived, and as a result, affects the quality of service provided.

In perspective, it appeared that a 360-degree security offer was what hotels and lodges really needed. A private security company that adds value to its hotel security offering by providing a comprehensive, seamless security solution for all aspects of service delivery is a competitive advantage.

In addition, it is not only important to simply offer an excellent security service (or its concept), but also to maintain and maintain the quality and level of security services provided at these hotels and lodges.

How to maintain the quality of the security service standards provided to the home customers:

1. Watch the places. Here, it is important to ensure that all physical security measures are in place, such as fencing, surveillance, the presence of security guards and equipment.

2. Analyze the perceptions of clients, staff and facility managers to understand overall satisfaction with the existing security company at the hotel / lodge.

3. Measure the current level of service delivery in terms of the basic service elements relating to the existing: guarding service, tasks and achievements of security officer, specific training of security guards security guards, and if hotel security procedures are followed; impacts on the general aspects of service delivery.

4. Examine the quality of the specific hotel security service elements available, to indicate the quality of output of the service elements measured according to their presence and the degree of satisfaction of the performance of these service elements. .

5. Record the above results, where the result indicates the performance quality of your current security offering.

6. Use the result to focus specifically on improving current security services and hotel security management, ensuring consistent compliance with these elite standards, where high standards of quality and focus on Customer become the center of attention in all areas of service delivery.

As mentioned above, the involvement of customers in the service experience and the creation of a relationship with these customers is what really distinguishes a different security company from the other. Thanks to the customer's participation, the service provided is constantly improved and the customer & # 39; the needs are met by constant communication.


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