Is My Computer Security System Safe From Attack?


Dear fellow business owners,

Do you know that thousands of websites, such as yours. are hacked daily? You might not even be aware unless hackers choose to leave evidence. Maybe they did not do it because they like to be able to return to their own way. And be inside your site! In your company! Prowling, searching and taking.

Every day, business owners lose sensitive data, money or suffer irreparable damage to their reputation due to security vulnerabilities in their computer security systems and their websites. Malware is only part of it. You are certainly vulnerable in many areas of your system, whether you know it or not. The only question is what are you going to do, if any.

Deprecated content management systems, poorly coded plugins or design flaws are just some of the vulnerabilities that hackers can exploit to gain unauthorized access to your site and, from there, access your private databases and change the pages of your site to, for example, load viruses on your computer. visitors' computers or display illegal or offensive content. And I did not even mention the most destructive and exotic types of malware.

Unfortunately, hiring a cybersecurity company to do a security audit of your computer system can be extremely expensive, often for many thousands of dollars. But you may already be aware of it. And I bet you are also smart enough to know how much it will cost you personally to ignore it.

You can instead get your own security without having to hire people you do not know to enter your private systems. And by doing it yourself, you can be sure of what is and what is not included. One way to establish cybersecurity security is to start filling in the gaps, get what you need most today and get the rest over a period of time you specify.

This is not all or nothing today. You can build a safe system over time.

By taking charge of the process yourself, you will always know where you are in your quest for cybersecurity.

If you are skilled enough to operate your own computer systems, you can certainly support this process. You can download the entire process yourself. Or, perhaps you would prefer that someone you know and trust entrusts the process, but watch every step of the process.

Anyway, that's fine, at least you act.

Make no mistake: malware does not come.

Malware is here!

You would not want these hairy people to glide quietly home without your knowledge. Why would you allow them into your computer security system?

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