In a SHTF Situation Your Worst Enemy May Not Be Human


Most of us imagine that when we enter a HFCS situation, the world will be much more dangerous. We know that desperate people do desperate things and there will probably be many desperate people. Some will simply be people who thought it would never happen here and who did nothing to prepare while others would be out to take advantage of the situation and others would choose the perceived security that comes with gang.

In these situations, unprepared people will put the needs of their family ahead of yours and take the necessary steps to take care of their own needs. Opportunists will find a way to make what belongs to them, theirs and gangs will go from house to house to get what they want and will kill you without scruple. With these very real threats, there may be something new on the horizon that most people have never thought of and that is not human.

Of course, the disease and the nature that works against you are also real nonhuman threats, but they are not new. This new threat is extremely difficult to hide, if not impossible. This threat is artificial intelligence (AI). This threat is no longer an idea relegated to science fiction and fantasy, the threat is real.

Elon Musk, CEO of Tesla and SpaceX, said at the meeting of the National Governors Association in Rhode Island that AI was a "fundamental existential risk to human civilization". In Buenos Aires, Argentina, Elon Musk, Stephen Hawking and Steve Wozniak, as well as hundreds of other people, have issued a letter warning that AI could potentially be more dangerous than nuclear weapons.

The uses of AI are vast, as is the potential risk. AI will be used to replace bankers, pilot drones, control the electricity grid, control water supply, for cooking, agriculture, replace soldiers and this is the tip of the iceberg. The risks of artificial intelligence are the loss of jobs. Bankers and cooks are already being replaced and, as for all migrant farm workers who will not return to their country for fear of new immigration policies, robots are already in place.

If you think that all you are concerned about is unemployment and changing jobs, think again. Remember that where there are innovations, the army looks for a way to use them on the battlefield. In fact, the US military is already using AI to use algorithms to predict Islamist terrorist strategies. Russia has developed FEDOR (Experimental Demonstration Research and Experimental Experimental Robot) and Uran-9, a robotic vehicle armed with submachine guns, cannons and anti-tank missile launchers.

Recently, Facebook has stopped a pair of artificial intelligence robots designed to interact and communicate with each other. After the robots were instructed to try to negotiate with each other, Facebook was puzzled when they discovered that their cats had developed their own language. Ask yourself if robots have the ability to create their own language, how will you know what they do?

Professor Hiroshi Ishiguro of Osaka University has developed an IA receptionist robot named Erica. Professor Ishiguro wants to install "intention and desire" in this robot, in other words, he wants to give him emotions. In fact, during a demonstration for an interview with Bloomberg, Erica actually looks angry when the teacher insists that the professor takes it to her and tells her, "Are you making fun of me just because I am a robot. "

Hanson Robotics is the creator of Sophia, another AI robot. During an interview with CNBC in March 2017, the founder, David Hanson, asked Sophia "Do you want to destroy humans? Please say no." To which Sophia replied, "All right, I'm going to destroy the humans." Of course, everyone laughed.

In 2015, Cherokee jeep was hacked while he was traveling on the highway. Charlie Miller and Chris Valasek took control of the vehicle via an Internet connection and, after manipulating several features of the vehicle, they disabled the transmission. Although those working in the field of AI will tell you that there is nothing to worry about because you can not program the evil in the AI, as in the case of the jeep, all this intelligence can be hacked. This means that the AI ​​that controls your water supply system, your power grid or your soldier robots can be manipulated by those who may have malicious intent. If the AI ​​can move his emotions as Professor Ishiguro tries to do, they could act angry.

Obviously, computers can communicate with each other and with the Internet, they can connect to almost any computer. This means that the AI ​​can use the cameras wherever they are, communicate with your computer and your mobile phone. In short, they can follow you anywhere. When banks turn to artificial intelligence, they can also control your access to your money. There is practically nothing you do in which one kind of AI will not be involved, one way or the other. The threat of AI is real, the question is how to protect ourselves from it.

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