Guarantee Your Forex Profits With This Tip


There is a secret that many profitable traders use to make a profit. It & # 39; sa well kept secret! Would you like to get your hands on it?

Ha! I understood you! There is no well-kept secret; in fact, most of the "gurus" in the market are really just a bunch of failed traders who have no real idea what a pip is!

Humans all want something for nothing. In fact, the easier it is, the more people would buy into it. There are loads of people who happily deposit their hard-earned money into strange investments they know nothing about and yet hope to make a profit! This is human greed, and throughout known human history this phenomenon has happened so many times that it's not even funny anymore! But believe that there is a way to make money without working too hard. I'm not saying you take it easy, I said there is a way to enjoy it without working too hard on your own. You have to put in the effort if you want wealth.

There is a way to guarantee your forex profits. Here is the advice and if you learn it right I can say that you will never have to fear poverty again. The advice is: never expect more from the market than it can safely deliver.

If you have been trading for a while you will understand this term. Take for example EUR / USD and for example the market has been short. So you were short too. You made a profit, but the next bar also shows that the market is going down. Now at this point what would you do? Most traders are short again.

Regardless of the profits or losses, you have just violated the most important principle of trading. It is "never expect more from the market than it can safely give". Traders who took the shorts just exposed themselves to a lot of risk. Your setup is passed which means at that point when you entered trading you basically switched from trading to gambling! Shame on you!

We all want a lot and we want more money. When this happens, it can cause us to have a cloudy perception. If you chose to make it short the second time around, you just gave in to the emotional pressure of greed. Not only that, you were trying to force the market to cough and give you more than it can. Most of the time what happens is that the trader would lose money on the second trade. There will be times that you sure do, but it's luck. If you trade on the basis of luck, you will find that luck is not a good friend for most traders.

If you want guaranteed profits with this tip I just shared, understand that this is the first and most important rule to follow. It encompasses money management, psychology, and discipline. Work hard to build these 3 aspects and you will always be profitable in whatever you do.

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