Cybercrime Is Not Just A Catchy Phrase! It Is A Serious Crime With Serious Consequences


If you are charged with cybercrime, you need a San Francisco defense attorney experienced in these cases. In today 's hectic world filled with technology, using a computer is simply a reality. Yet, despite all the amenities offered by computers, the use of this technology presents many risks. In fact, many people and businesses find themselves victims of cybercriminals, or hackers, able to collect sensitive information by entering into computer systems.

At the same time, many people face charges they have not committed – people who need a truly experienced San Francisco defense lawyer – a lawyer who understands cybercrime and who has experience in defense matters.

The reality is that a San Francisco defense attorney must have a lot of technical knowledge to effectively defend a case. Some scenarios surrounding these types of cases that your lawyer needs to know include:

• Steal credit or debit card information from a retailer via a technique called "Conduct of War". War Driving involves sitting in a vehicle in a parking lot outside a big box store and stealing credit card numbers over the retailer's Wi-Fi network.

• Configuration of computer programs that automatically take credit card and debit card information and send it to a special account created by the hacker. The hacker then sells this data to criminals known as shooters. The shooters then resell the information to other criminals, who use them to make purchases on unsuspecting cardholder accounts.

• Go to the website of a commercial store in order to steal credit card and debit card information to those who have made online purchases in the store.

It is important to note that hackers come from a variety of backgrounds. Although some have computer training, many do not have specific training or experience in the sector.

In fact, many hackers start out as teenagers who have learned to manipulate Internet providers to get free Internet service. After enjoying the thrill of this seemingly harmless flight, they move on to the next step by learning to manipulate other computer systems to their advantage.

While no one condones the criminal activities of hackers, it is important that those who have been charged with these crimes hire a qualified and experienced defense lawyer in San Francisco. After all, the penalties associated with the conviction of such a crime can be quite severe. However, by hiring a San Francisco defense attorney who is familiar with this type of case and who has solid technical experience, a person arrested for cybercrime will have the best chance of defeating the case.

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