Computer Sixth Generation


Sixth generation of computer

The period of the sixth generation is from 2000 until the date. In the sixth generation, ULSI technology has become UULSI (Ultra2 Large Scale Integration) technology, resulting in the production of microprocessor chips containing ten million electronic components. This generation is based on parallel processing hardware, Nano technology, artificial intelligence (AI) software. Artificial intelligence is an emerging branch of computer science that interprets the means and methods of making computers think like human beings. All high-level languages ​​such as C #,, Php, Android, Mobile Computing, etc., are used in this generation. People can do each job with the help of a computer. Even people can also cook food with the help of a computer. Each job can be done using a computer. The computer comes in the pocket or the palm of the hand. Artificial intelligence programmers began with basic algorithms for reasoning and then used probability and economics theories to create the ability to solve more complex problems. Progress in the field of fuzzy logic has introduced the ability to solve problems without a clear answer for good or bad. Although more complex problem solving is possible, the amount of computing power needed increases exponentially when the solution is difficult. Research is underway to find ways to make problem solving more effective and less costly. In the military, Amnesty International has contributed to the improvement of simulators to train soldiers to unforeseen problems in different peacekeeping missions around the world. Artificial intelligence is also prevalent in many spy networks around the world to help determine the likelihood that certain actions will occur in highly volatile regions of the world.

In the automotive industry, robots are used in manufacturing, but the AI ​​has infiltrated into the vehicles themselves. Artificial intelligence is present, whether it is global positioning systems or potential warning devices of potential danger. Some cars may even apply the break or keep the vehicle out of danger, if necessary. Artificial intelligence has also contributed to the development of voice recognition software (VAR). Although unable to understand the words, VAR allowed people with disabilities to speak into a microphone and see the words appear on the screen. Although people need to speak slowly and clearly to work properly, and it is not 100% accurate, VAR is also available on many hand-held devices. Being able to surf the web or send a text has become easier than ever and new advances are coming.

AI understands –

• robotics

• Neural networks

• Play the game

• Development of expert systems to make decisions in real situations

• Understanding and generation of natural language

The main features of the sixth generation are:

• UULSI technology

• Development of true artificial intelligence

• Development of natural language processing

• Progress of parallel processing

• Advancement of nanotechnology

• More user-friendly interfaces with multimedia features

• Availability of very powerful and compact computers at cheaper rates.

Some types of computers of this generation are –

• office

• Portable

• Notebook

• Mobile phones

• Palm Top

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