Can a Cyber Hacker Group, Malware Team, or Internet Virus Spreader Just Disband and Quit?


Malicious and disruptive piracy casts doubt on trust in online communication, identity privacy and e-commerce. Governments, businesses, the military, humanitarian organizations and citizens are worried – and they should be too. It sometimes seems like there is no safe computer system in the world, even as the world moves to secure cloud data centers. While authorities track down hackers and catch some, there seems to be much more to take their place, and many Internet service providers to hide or use in their maneuvers.

Until now, looking at the bulletin board, it seems that hackers, cyber-terrorists and cyber-commands of rogue nations are gaining, while users, computer services, businesses and governments are losing. Yes, hackers put an egg on the face of some of the biggest computer security companies and made them look ridiculous, incompetent and unable to secure their systems. There was an interesting article in the mainstream media and on MSNBC that explained how the group Lulz Sec Hacker had called for quitting and dissolving.

The article on the MSNBC website titled; "The LulzSec hacker group said it was done – 50 days of cyber-hairdressers included violations of PBS, Arizona, Sony, FBI partners," was very informative and discussed this major turn of events. events.

"The group stole mountains of personal data in a dozen attacks, interfering with law enforcement around the world while boasting about online stunts." The breakup of the group comes about unexpectedly, and is a sign that investigations are underway.Rival pirates have joined the hunt group, publishing information that could indicate the six-member group.One of the six group members was interviewed by the l & # 39; AP Friday, and gave no indication that his work was coming to an end. "

Can hacker groups just stop like this, and the problem is solved, yes, maybe, and why not, they won and it's obvious that they have the right to boast. But a hacker who does it for the sport, likes it and takes advantage of the adrenaline rush, has he really quit and never hack him again? That, I wonder, I would probably not say. But, they could go into computer security and teach one or two things to the authorities. It would be nice if they joined the opposing party rather than disrupting trust in the Internet.

Of course, then someone else would come if and replace them if they did not hack. All right, I guess we need a safer and more reliable Internet, and until we know that we will not have the level or confidence in the system, we have to keep the flow of information and e-commerce. Please consider all of this and think about it.

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