BeeOne-Review: The Scheme and How It Works


BeeOne is owned and managed by Subash George Manuel, CEO. BeeOne is a Cashback program where you can convert your cash back or your rewards into Cryptocurrency. You can thus transform your expenses into investment. BeeOne allows you to get cash back and points from your daily purchases and their loyalty platform is linked to a cryptocurrency called Cryptocarbon.

BeeOne-Reviews: Cash back system

BeeOne is a cashback / point reward system that returns you money when you spend. They created the business to allow other affiliates to sell and buy just about any different product, from your phone bill to your electricity. There are hundreds and thousands of different places to get discounts on the BeeOne network.

BeeOne Affiliate Plan: How You Get Paid

If the company is working for you on purchasing products that you already enjoy, this is one of the functions of BeeOne. The other side of BeeOne allows you to make commissions from referrals from people who buy and enjoy the products listed on the eCommerce side of the business.

It's just another way for you to tell your friends to promote the team and everyone wins. Once the money is paid to join the business side, contact those interested in cash back and you are both compensated.

"The referral bonus will also be paid from multiple referral levels depending on the product / service sold through the platform. Please check the number of levels and the percentage and criteria before making any purchase. All products and services are not accompanied by a referral bonus. "

BeeOne hierarchy

You can be part of many different memberships and the remuneration depends on your current situation. For example:

• Gold – pay £ 49.99 GBP for a Gold affiliate subscription

• Perfect Living – pay £ 199 GBP for a Perfect Living affiliate membership

• Executive – generate 250 BV

• Senior manager – generate 1000 BV

• Manager – generate 2500 BV

• Executive Manager – personally recruit and maintain two affiliates classified by Manager and generate 7,500 BV (no more than 2,500 BV from two legs at one level counted)

• Gold Manager – has two affiliates classified Executive Manager in two separate unilevel branches and generates 30,000 BV (no more than 7,500 BV for each Executive Manager branch)

• DiamondManager – has three affiliates classified Gold Manager in separate segments at one level

• Gold Diamond Manager – have three affiliates classified Diamond Manager in separate branches at one level

• Crown DiamondManager – have five affiliates classified as Gold Manager in separate segments at one level

Win caps

When you start BeeOne as an affiliate, you are capped at each rank along the way:

• Gold – £ 250 GBP

• Perfect Living – £ 500 GBP

• Executive – £ 750 GBP

• Senior executive – £ 1000 GBP

• Manager – £ 2500 GBP

• Executive Director – £ 5000 GBP

• Gold Manager – £ 7,500 GBP

• Diamond Manager – £ 12,500 GBP

• Gold Diamond Manager – 15,000 GBP

• Crown Diamond Manager – GBP 20,000

Creation of your buyout account

For the affiliate program, you receive commissions and once you receive them, 50% goes to that account. This allows you to pay all of your bills and buy all of the products you would normally buy with all the great discounts.

You receive commissions when you personally sponsor people who purchase products from one of the BeeOne affiliates through the e-commerce website. These commissions can be used in BeeCoin and CryptoCarbon currencies.

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