Artificial Intelligence Will Change Human So Society So Profoundly Humans Will Stop Thinking


The artificial intelligence will think, innovate and our strategy at all levels. One of the biggest challenges of the confrontation between artificial intelligence and humans in terms of innovation and human intellect – think about it; In the future, artificial intelligence will make our society and our civilization work with the fastest and most efficient methods and processes. We will expect humans to follow these new standards created by AI systems simply because they are considered the best strategies for optimal gain.

The number of possible answers for everything, each question, will be reduced to a better answer, with exact answers for light derivations that will also have only one correct answer. We expect humans to trust the AI's answers rather than their own thoughts and reason. Thus, they will eventually stop thinking and reasoning, losing the ability to propose new ideas and concepts or new solutions to problems. Just as domestic animals have a smaller brain than their counterparts of wild animals having exactly the same genetic sequence – with respect to the brain; you use it or lose it.

Just like in tennis, the game is won with the safest and safest shooting percentages, not necessarily the nifty stuff – the AI ​​will be leaning in favor of percentage shots, and will be skewed, as it will not. is a system based on probability. Humans can be good at solving problems from time to time, but ultimately the master of the chessboard of society and civilization will be artificial intelligence, not inferior human intelligence

Humans who participate in the programming and development of artificial intelligence in the beginning will retain their problem-solving skills and will propose unique original ideas by working with artificial intelligence as a team, combining the best artificial intelligence and thought and insight. But alas, eventually, AI will settle for itself and humans will no longer have to think. AI will learn what the human brain has to offer and already knows it, thus requiring no additional human intervention.

The same is true for the "happiness of ignorance" – hard to say, but we may be able to know early enough whether this progressive advance of technology and innovative human thinking is continuing in the current momentum. This is not science fiction, that is what we have already implemented. Artificial intelligence is neither good nor bad, but we could say that it is generally good. Think about it.


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