Artificial Intelligence – Understanding a Joke and Responding with Another One


Artificial intelligence is improving all the time, soon, AI software engineers will create joke recognition systems, where the computer will understand the irony and will know when the human tells a joke, then will reciprocate, perhaps creating a scratchy joke.

The system would be pre-loaded with all the jokes common to human interactions in all cultures. He will be able to pick one that is unlikely to have been heard by the human being he is working with at the time; also remember that it was said to this person so that he does not repeat it.

Wow, it gets complicated quickly, is not it, and that's exactly why it's not been fully realized. Humor has been a huge obstacle for the recognition of the human voice and artificial intelligence systems, but it is something for which the human has the gift. Nevertheless, they are working on this challenge and we will see it in 5 to 10 years. AI software specialists lock this problem.

This will mean advances for human companions for long-term space flight, rehabilitation assistance and human-to-human tensions working alongside robotic partners or assistants, during the transition of robots and human workers . Since robots will work with and assist humans, it will be necessary to keep the peace to foster cooperation.

Some consider the programming of humor as the ultimate achievement of Artificial Intelligence, and it is perhaps an argument that humans accept their Intelligent Artificial assistants. The future is coming and it will not be long now.

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