Advantages And Disadvantages Of A Home Security Guard


The function of a security officer is to prevent intruders, vandals and burglars. It makes good sense to call someone to look after your property if you have a large space that requires maintenance and high cost.

The services of a security agency are always practical for properties with multiple buildings or for commercial purposes.

However, if you use the wrong people to maintain your property, there may be problems. There are advantages and disadvantages if you use human staff to maintain your property.

Benefits of signing security personnel for your property

· The presence of a guardian for your belongings plays an important role in preventing the plans of thieves and thieves.

· Some people use equipment at home that can be totally predictable. But having human staff as protector will make your business safer as they can change their routes.

· It makes it difficult for thieves or thieves to predict their location at that time. Sometimes the guards are also mistaken as remote policemen because of their uniform, which is also a beneficial factor.

· Well-trained and smart guards also have the ability to recognize potential risks or hazards and help you manage them before something happens. The guards of a security agency are part of it.

· A potential guard can handle many problems himself when he is on duty. In addition, he can fix things if something is wrong with the goods.

· They also have the right to anyone who invades possessions. Although they are not police officers, the arrest is referred to as an arrest by an individual. In addition, the arrested person is placed in police custody.

Disadvantages of signing security personnel for your property

· The main disadvantage of signing a guard is the price. You have to pay the caretaker personally or you have to bring it in from a company. You have to pay the company and the company pays a percentage of it to the custody.

· Supervision can be considered another disadvantage. Companies such as security companies have obligations to their customers.

· These obligations are contractual and consist in providing the persons required for the proposed positions.

· The contract of the company is broken when he fails to provide the required number of security personnel. Companies have a high turnover rate and therefore need to hire new people very frequently.

· Sometimes the demand for company guards is much higher than the supply of people. As a result of this problem, companies are hiring unqualified people to perform the duties of caretaker.

This serious problem is not the same everywhere as it differs from one company to another and from one state to another.

Some state-owned companies, such as security guard companies, require guards to take a training program and be licensed, while other states do not require any of these programs.

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