Young and Reckless Dream – E-Sports


Even electronic sport has been officially recognized as a sports project, it is still full of controversy. How long have e-sports been far from wild public recognition and traditional sports?

Current: the coexistence of difficulties and hope

On July 22, 2014, Newbee won the T14 and won five million dollars in prize money, which caused a sensation. So many bonuses have even caught the attention of many traditional print media. Electronic sport has successfully extended its impact with this opportunity. On the other hand, some opinions of media professionals reflect the thoughts of the general public: can playing games also make money? This shows that electronic sport still has a long way to go if it is to be accepted by mainstream minds.

It can be said that with the impact of network addiction, public misunderstandings are not fortuitous. According to votes by the People's Daily Online, only 20% of voters agree that electronic sports should be considered a sports project. This survey also shows that people do not understand electronic sports and confuse electronic sports with online games.

The difficulties come not only from the outside, but also from the inside. There are famous players Sky and Newbee, but also ordinary players who are in a difficult situation do not even manage to have a job with a stable salary and to obtain the support of their family. Even Newbee dared to confess to his parents after their success. In addition, from a hobby to a career, difficult training could not be overlooked. Professional players must train at least 10 hours a day.

Like other traditional sports, retirement also exists among electronic sports players. The golden age of electronic sports is between 18 and 25 years old. One of the main reasons for the public's misunderstanding is being ill-educated during this period.

As an industry that gradually explores the business model and creates an industrial chain, there is still much to do. Although faced with barriers and obstacles along the way, the electronic sports industry in China is still hopeful with the efforts of government, capital, players and manufacturers. It is becoming a traditional and serious industry.

An officer of the general sports administration of the state said that: Each sport is a product of the development of social productive forces and changes in society. Athletics from the agrarian age; cycle racing from the industrial era and electronic sports from the information and technology era, which represents the attitude of government departments. There is one sentence that could objectively judge eSports: eSports players are not a group of addicted people in games but someone who is trying to make it happen in games.

Manufacturers and capitals will focus on chains and players in the electronic sports industry. With the exception of the organization of high-reward competitions, the popularity of live broadcast platforms, such as Douyu TV or Zhanqi TV, offers stable revenues to electronic sports players.

Future: passion will last forever

Only passion and hope can support this industry to grow, change and move forward. To be frank, electronic sports are a high-risk career. A lot of pressure and prejudice must be accepted, no matter who wants to be in this industry. It has nothing to do with wealth, reputation and status. It matters the pleasures in your deep heart. It matters concentration and dedication.

I admire these athletes who try to challenge the limit of the human again and again. But I also admire the electronic sports players who devote their precious time and energy to it, even taking the risk of misunderstanding. They also deserve a hug, a bouquet of flowers and a nice smile.

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