Xyngular: Why are the top executives leaving Xyngular?


Whether you like network marketing or not, the health and wellness company known as Xyngular is leading the way in the home business industry. They have hundreds and hundreds of financial success stories, as well as success stories from people who have lost a ton of weight using their product line.

So why would Xyngular’s top earners leave behind that nice residual income they’ve accumulated, just to go and promote a new business? I’ve heard several stories on the web, and even at some local chamber of commerce trade events, where successful Xyngular executives have told me they’re giving up the opportunity.

Are high incomes leaving Xyngular?

Here’s what I know: Top earners as well as newbie distributors quit their network marketing companies all the time, that’s nothing new though, it’s like finding a new job. If you think a new employer will pay you better, give you more benefits or more time off, why don’t you change jobs?

All of these home business advocates get excited when they hear about the next best thing. Like a company that offers you a lime green Ferrari when you hit the front row! Or a free trip to Bora Bora for the rest of your life once you hit “Diamond” in the company. Stupid things like this prompted Xyngular’s wealthiest employees and thousands of other home-based businesses to quickly jump ship.

So why are the executives leaving Xyngular?

Here is my point of view: Internet.

You see, Xyngular Distributors have hit search engines looking for information on how to quickly get their Xyngular business up and running. They found tons of useful blog posts, articles, and videos, all written by attraction marketing experts around the world. They now finally know that the “secret” their mentor Xyngular just wouldn’t show them.

So instead of prospecting people for their business and their Xyngular products, they take what they’ve learned from these attraction marketing experts and start promoting affiliate products like NMVT, or MLSP, or Empower Network. . When that happens, they will quickly win $ 1,000 and be like wow! I never made that kind of money in all my time at Xyngular! Now I will become a full time affiliate!

Although the gurus seem to believe that there is some sort of long term residual income with affiliate marketing, I totally disagree. I would easily prefer the long term residue you would get from a basic single level or hybrid binary compensation plan, through a traditional home business with tangible products or consumables etc, instead of ‘training in marketing.

These training products are needed to expand your knowledge and the value you have to offer your prospects and teammates, but you need to stay focused on your business, ONE BUSINESS … and build this thing to a billion dollar brand. dollars no matter what. This is where you will get rich and stinky my friends.

Source by Joe J Stewart

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