Words are cheap


Words are cheap. What matters is the true belief system behind your words and the actions you take because of those belief systems. Economies don’t improve, people improve. Waiting for something to happen is for losers. The most important saving is the one created between your ears.

During bear markets, you have to get creative to shake things up. While you may not be able to push your current chosen market if it isn’t there, you can create a niche market, build affiliates, better utilize your customer base, and push alternative markets. In other words, there are options for success. Waiting for the world to create your economy is not a good option.

There’s an old quote that goes, “When you go to work on yourself and improve, it’s amazing how much your client improves.” The one activity that can always pay off in an economic downturn is individual and organizational development.

It all comes down to the four Ps of business – people, process, product and positioning. Do you work daily on your personal development? Do you work daily to increase your knowledge and ability to sell your product? Do you work daily to increase the efficiency of your process? Do you work daily to increase your positioning through better marketing? If you work on these things daily, you will determine your sales success in good times or bad. Good times will now become the norm.

Thoreau said it best: “Things don’t change, people change. Commit to understanding why you want to do something. When the why becomes strong, the how becomes easy. When you know why you want something, ideas on how to get to you. Focus on the solution, not the problem. When you dwell on the idea of ​​a successful market, you create the reality of a successful market.

When you open the door to your belief system, you close the door to scarcity. When you suffer from a lack of something, it is because you have a mental state of lack. Everything apparent in your outer world today is a direct reflection of your inner world yesterday.

As you improve, you begin to think and act on another level of energy. Imagine the analogy between playing a video game and having to score well enough on one level to advance to the next level. Once you improve enough, you enter a whole other level which creates another opportunity for improvement.

Source by Mark Tewart

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