Why Will You BUY A Home?


Although we consider owning a home, your own, to be a major component of the so – called American Dream, few wonder why and if it is relevant to their personal dreams, needs and best interests! Before anyone starts the process, the first thing to do should realistically be to consider their personal reasons and why they want it. BUY a house. It must be a realistic and thorough process, which includes many relevant factors including, but not limited to, their personal needs, goals, priorities and perceptions, financial capabilities, issues family, job factors, transportation considerations, safety, schools and how a home might benefit them more than others. With that in mind, this article will attempt to briefly, examine, examine, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and stands for, and why it is important.

1. Better; better; benefits; beliefs; bringing: Where we live often depends on what it brings to us, it seems! Our personal beliefs are an important factor and therefore we need to consider, if living somewhere could make our existence better and happier / more satisfying! Isn't the goal for most of us to do all we can to become the best we can be? The essential combination of careful thought about our true needs and how best to meet them has to be one of the keys to whether, we should buy, a house, ours! Never forget to realistically consider factors such as affordability, affordability, self-image, schools. safety, and whatever, your priorities and personal perceptions might be!

2. Useful; unique; uses; urge; usual / unusual: Buying a home should serve both your usual and unusual needs, goals and priorities! What grows, could, in doing so, address and meet? When you consider one potential home over another, what unique characteristics and / or attributes are most important to you and why? How are you going to use / use your home and why will doing so be useful, meaningful and useful?

3. You; your: How will a home of your dreams meet and / or exceed your personal needs and expectations? How are you going to make your residence yours? Why will this benefit you in a realistic, viable and relevant way? Before making a decision, it is important to seriously consider how. your dream home, could make your life more fulfilling and happier?

Before making the decision and committing to BUY, a home, yours, will you consider, your personal reasons, and why, do you think this is a good decision, for you! Are you up to the task to do it?

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