Why We Think the Way We Do


Have you heard the saying Battlefield of the Mind? Have you ever wondered, why do I think the way I do? There is a battle going on in your mind all the time. We are thinking beings and what we think gives us feelings.

Our mind is divided. We all refer to higher consciousness, the voice of what we all want, namely love, peace, harmony. Our connection to a higher plane or our desire to be with our Creator. This is pre-wired into our beings at birth.

The other part of our mind is our ego. This part has been programmed by the world. It is the voice of fear, scarcity, greed and limitation. It is a fact that 50% of the beliefs we have right now were already in our minds by the age of 5, 80% by 8 and 95% by 18. Rather shocking, that your mind is totally programmed as such an early age.

Think about the last time you consciously stopped and thought about your mental conversation. Did you hear your ego speak first? Have your thoughts produced feelings of fear, limitation, not having enough, or wanting more? Or did you have peace, feelings of satisfaction and happiness while listening to the higher self?

The battle has begun. Are you listening to the voice of your ego or the voice of a higher consciousness? If you continue to listen to your ego, you will continue to get more of what you have. Listen to the voice of your conscience and your life can change dramatically. Stop and think about some of the feelings you are having right now. Are you with the world or are you on a higher plane? You have the choice.

Don't let your life be guided by your situation. Start managing the conversations in your mind. Take control and start reprogramming to align your mind with its natural state of harmony, prosperity, and faith.

All you need is to practice until you get good. Once you make a commitment, you will see your life start to run smoothly. Exciting and lively experiences await you!

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