Why I Respectfully Agree and Endorse Vincent James – The 12 Month Millionaire


If you live where I live, you will know you don't have time for platitude, you want the real deal.

If you don't have the time, the resources to waste … then you will understand why the gurus should not only follow their speech but live their speech … Vincent James does it wonderfully.

For 6 years, I have tried internet marketing and zilch. You all know the story, the constant purchase of the latest gadgets by the so called "internet marketing experts" … shit.

I totally agree with Vincent "There are tons of people in the direct response industry who have NO RIGHT TO WONDER when passing around their" incorrect information.

For 6 years, such "incorrect information" kept me in the dark and cold prison of the land of vows.

Frustrated, I had given up on my dream of earning money from the Internet earlier and considered all of the "Internet marketing gurus" with the same faith as the spider fly that got it. 39; had invited to a feast.

On which?

I am grateful to Vincent James for changing his mind.

By simply applying a simple 12-month Millionaire technique and principle, I won $ 1,000 in November 2008 – a very short month after I read it.

What would you rather have wrong information that doesn't work or just good advice that anyone who seriously wants to earn SERIE money via DIRECT RESPONSE BUSINESS can copy and apply to their business.


The 12 Month Millionaire is a great read, packed with lots of insider information by someone who actually did it.

It presents ideas that you can use in the next minute on your business and get instant results.

What about the state of mind … faith … the belief that gives you Millionaire 12 months. It is the state of mind, the confidence that brought me out of my hiding place and invested my last $ 100 that I multiplied to $ 1000 using simple arithmetic as taught by Vincent James.

Anyway, this is not a personal endorsement of Vincent's fault, but as a product, 12 month Millionaire has no rival.

I would have loved to register as a 12 month Millionaire affiliate because I know I am promoting a product that has really helped me and I believe that this will help a lot of struggling entrepreneurs.

If you're an affiliate or a struggling internet marketer, do yourself a favor, get the 12 month Millionaire, read it and apply it … and don't let any "GURU" guru tell you about it .

Surprise! A few weeks after the publication of this article, I was contacted and I received a special link and a 12 month Millionaire agreement. To be part of this special program …

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