Why Having a Crowdfunding PR Media Strategy Is Important for Crowdfunding Success


Crowdfunding PR and why it's important for campaigns.

Crowdfunding campaigns on Kickstarter and Indiegogo have collectively raised over $ 1 billion for project creators. Every year, hundreds of thousands of crowdfunding campaign projects are launched. So what does this mean for the founders? Increased competition for attention and more noise than ever for trying to break through.

Founders, artists, and entrepreneurs are increasingly using crowdfunding as a means of raising capital and the industry is expected to surpass traditional angel and venture capital models of fundraising for startups. and businesses in the very near future.

Every day, several hundred new technology-enabled products, films, clothing lines or design projects are put online. You spent a year or more working on your project, prototyping your idea, and bringing your product to life. The moment of the launch has arrived, how to break through?

"A valiant entrepreneur / startup creates a brand new product against all odds with innovative technology ready to take over the world …"

Your story is probably similar and worth telling. It is important to define the real story of what you are selling, what you have created, and why it matters and needs to exist in the world. Think about your favorite brands and businesses in the world, there is something special about each of them that creates brand loyalty and sets them apart from their competition.

There are 5 real and proven ways to promote a crowdfunding project, gain support and become a success:

  • Friends / Family / Personal contacts

  • Create a mailing list before launch

  • Social media advertising

  • Public relations campaign / public relations crowdfunding

  • Organic traffic of the crowdfunding platform

The first three should be strategies that generally work before the campaign. Once the campaign is launched, you can hope to become a trending project on Kickstarter or Indiegogo to rank higher on their page and get organic traffic that way.

You can also inject some cash into Facebook advertising and hope to generate traffic that way. However, Facebook advertising isn't always the most profitable way to market your project. Cost per click (CPC) can often get expensive and we often hear about campaigns that don't see a solid ROI in social media advertising.

This leaves a crowdfunding PR campaign as your best chance to publicize your project.

Every successful crowdfunding campaign has a few things in common. But the primary feature of all of these is media exposure. Getting picked up by the media and blogs is the real secret to success on platforms like Kickstarter and Indiegogo. The mainstream media are always looking to share the latest projects and there are dedicated communities that are dying to hear about your project, whether it is a 3D printer. , a drone or an EDC (Everyday Carry) product.

The benefit of using a crowdfunding PR strategy (including Kickstarter PR and Indiegogo PR) is that it turns out to be the most cost effective way to get the word out and spread the word widely. network on your project. Just one feature on a large point of sale can drive significant traffic and promises to your campaign page. From a promotional standpoint, you won't get better value anywhere.

Have you noticed the top campaigns with all the top media logos displayed on their campaign page? A crowdfunding media strategy can give your project some serious legitimacy and show the rest of the world that this is a must-see project.

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