What Is Forex Trading and What Is All The Hype About Forex Scamsters?


Forex. We see this word too much on the internet these days. Marketers have a day in the field selling Forex systems that won't turn "ordinary people" into "brain traders" despite what the false promises claim. MADE! Most of the programs that you can buy in online Forex trading are Forex scams. Why are there scams? Because marketers have turned the Forex retail business (this is where a non-institutional investor trades the Forex market) into a vehicle for "the dream" to come true. However, as the market does not work this way, Forex has arguably become a 21st century dream stealer for many potential traders.

This is the harsh reality. And those of you who have tried a few or more of the dozens of "breakthrough Forex strategies" know that it is. Because being a trader isn't about buying a $ 97 eBook or a $ 197 Forex robot online and making a fortune with ease. Trading takes intelligence, discipline, and persistence that most true traders learn through cold, hard, and painful failures and losses.

The truth is, Forex trading as a career is a rare career. Forex trading floors are not the greatest teams of investment institutions. Of course, there is room for flow specialists, but at the end of the day large volumes simply reflect that it is almost impossible to make money in Forex without large trades for them. speculators. Why trade Forex? You could get into private stocks, stock trading, complex derivatives like interest rate swaps, or even a career largely outside of finance like a doctor, family lawyer, or salesperson.

However, many people are caught in the wave of Forex dream selling that is taking place on the internet. And it is a virus in the truest sense of the word, not just in the marketing sense. Tackling the vulnerable – those in financial difficulty, those who may be problem gamblers or drug addicts, people who have won their way and are looking to invest their money to make it grow – all of this can fall victim to Forex scams all over the Internet.

So I went to Hong Kong and interviewed a whole bunch of traders, investors, risk managers, accountants and CEOs for research purposes and along the way, I ; have found people involved in Forex trading. If you really want to become a Forex trader, you have to become a trader. It's not something that everyone can do. "If you really want to make money, you have to be sitting in front of your screen." – CEO of an American private equity firm – previously a full time trader.

It's different than what the "Forex trading dreamstealers" would have us believe, isn't it? Plug your expert advisor into Metatrader and voila! You are your own ready to use ATM machine. Yes, and it wasn't Neil Armstrong who landed on the moon, it was actually Gandhi. Go rip off your grandma who taught you how to be such a cheat! Don't be fooled by people. Trading as a real business means you have to work extremely hard to develop discipline, have the necessary capital (don't make the mistake of thinking that high leverage will, or trade mini. -lots or worse, micro-lots!) and lose a lot of money before you finally put your head in the right direction. It is a long, painful and difficult journey for most traders and there are no, no shortcuts.

Would you rather me lie to you? I did not think. But you better read this now than later.

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