What Do You Seek In Your HOME?


Own a HOME, in itself, is often seen as an essential component of the so-called American Dream! There is no one perfect home for everyone, as different people have a variety of perceptions, priorities, personal strengths and weaknesses, needs, goals, and personal situations. Plus, personal tastes differ, as do the financial capabilities and restrictions of a self-imposed comfort zone! How one transforms any house, at home, indicates, quite a bit, about this individual, and, what, could offer him, the living conditions and the most beneficial experiences! With that in mind, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, review, revise, and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what it means and, a few ways to enrich your life, in this domain.

1. Heater; HVAC; heart of house; healing: A comfortable, indoor living environment is a necessity to enjoy any home! When choosing your future home, ask your home inspector and / or engineer to pay special attention to the heating system (age of boiler / burner, etc .; condition; efficiency; quiet), as well as Heating, ventilation and air. packaging, components (HVAC). What do you consider to be the heart of a home and which rooms are most relevant to your enjoyment of living in a home? How can you make sure your residence has a healing effect rather than being a stressful albatross?

2. Options; Opportunities; open mind; Goals: It is wise to know your goals well and to proceed without prejudices, etc, and, with an open mind! Examine the so-called bones of the house and determine if it offers options, alternatives, and possibilities! Will a particular place open up your possibilities or become restrictive?

3. Mortgage; money; motivate: Know your financial realities and, what type of mortgage and on what terms you qualify! How much will it cost you and will you feel comfortable? Do you have the money and funds to qualify and to pay the down payment, reserves, etc., and other requirements? What motivates you to buy a particular property and why?

4. Excellency; enrich; additional: Know and clearly understand your true needs and requirements, as well as your wish list! Be sure, focus, with excellence and clarity, and don't be satisfied, because of emotion or opportunism! Is there a particular place, does it provide, in addition, intangibles, which make it more suited, to your specific situation, etc.?

Will you take the time, focus, and fully and precisely consider what to look for in your HOME? Are you ready to move on, as an educated and wiser homebuyer?

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