Univera Lifesciences Review – The Truth at the Heart of Univera Lifesciences


The network marketing industry is plagued by a reputation for "scams" and "pyramid schemes". A handful of companies that have been trying to deceive people for their money have created a paradigm on network marketing that is simply not in harmony with most industry sectors. Of course, there are still companies you need to pay attention to. Is Univera Lifesciences one of them? This article explores this issue and more, revealing the truth at the heart of this business in this Univera Lifesciences Review.

Univera Lifesciences Review – hiding behind claims?

When you start going further behind the scenes at Univera Lifesciences, you may be surprised at what you find. While some companies claim to have a "high-level science" and then hide behind a single doctor, this company is actually part of a large organization (called "Econet") whose sister company, Unigen, is the most great search engine of natural products on the planet. They have the largest functional library of medicinal plants in the world, with 14,000 plants growing. There is not only a cutting-edge science (Unigen employs more than 50 full-time scientists, half of whom have a Ph.D.), but the organization also controls its own manufacturing and produces its own raw materials from within. an extensive network of global resources. Econet is composed of 4 companies, without any debt and owned by a single man, Mr. Bill Lee, a billionaire philanthropist Korean. The more you explore the rabbit, the more the foundation of this company Univera Lifesciences is solid.

Review Univera Lifesciences – Do the products really work?

The products offered by Univera Lifesciences are advanced nutritional pharmaceuticals, or "nutraceuticals", designed to support the body's ability to heal, regenerate and function with a high level of energy and vitality. But do they really work? Once again, Univera Lifesciences is under close surveillance, leaving none of their results behind in speculation. In independent, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trials in humans, the efficacy of their products has been well documented. In fact, almost 50% of people who test their flagship product "Xtra" notice one of the 4 clinical benefits over the first 3 days. It seems that the $ 20 million, plus the dollars and 5 years of research devoted to the publication of a single product have borne fruit.

Univera Lifesciences Review – Scam or legitimate business opportunity?

When evaluating the business opportunity of Univera Lifesciences, it may seem at first glance to be similar to other network marketing opportunities. A person has the opportunity to share the products and benefit from retail commissions and residual commissions when customers purchase the product or when another partner joins them in the business. However, looking closer, there are some unique differences. The Compensation Plan is a hybrid of a one-level plan and a matrix plan that maximizes the return on investment for the beginner (a unique feature in a sector that notoriously rewards the top 2% performance). Secondly, the use of a "gift" allows associates to give their potential clients and associates a chance to experience the products and get answers to their questions before even to hire him. This greatly reduces the friction that may have existed when a new trading partner begins to "sell" to his closest friends and family.

This is often what has given the industry a bad name. But with this model, the associate is apparently able to provide a sample and some information, which allows the potential consumer to make his own informed decision about what is best for his health and future.

Review Univera Lifesciences – The truth at the heart of Univera

With a billionaire Korean philanthropist at the helm and unparalleled infrastructure and business resources in the industry, Univear Lifesciences is poised to become the world leader in natural products in the near future. They are currently setting the stage for international expansion in Mexico, Australia and New Zealand by the end of 2010, followed by Asian markets over the next two years. This review on Univera Lifesciences is only the visible part of the iceberg. Continue to exercise due diligence on this society's mission of changing the world.

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