Trump Is Correct When It Comes To Free And Fair Trade


There was an interesting YouTube video from the CFR (Council on Foreign Relations) called "A Conversation With Adam Smith", which is worthy of note – looking at this intellectual discussion, I figured that Washington DC may need some 39; a reboot, and CFR should consider their future policies in all of this too. In the video, there was a bit of trample on Trump and a tone of persistent arrogance. Okay, here are some thoughts on this:

In fact, Trump's concept of foreign trade is very clear. "Free and Fair" – not unbalanced trade deals simply to capture a client nation at the expense of free and fair trade. He is a billionaire who does business around the world. I almost think that CFR shows its anti-Trump position (it is aging) and yet CFR supported Obama and Clinton, which led to corruption and poor choices. CFR might perhaps need to look in their mirror, recent history and see how bad their advice was. In addition, CFR continually touts the UN, which always seems to make matters worse, without ever solving much.

A Washington DC economic policy adviser notes: "The trade economy is very opaque: fewer barriers to trade are better than more, even if the trading partner breaks down its own barriers. As far as we understand the economy is true. "

Yes, okay, but when every nation we trade with we find ourselves in an unfair position, today almost all of our trade is unbalanced somewhere along the line that we hurt ourselves economically. We cannot deliberately be disadvantaged in every trade agreement and we will always do better. Yes, we are winning over client nations, and yes, it is good to make the rules of how the international community intertwines, and yes, it is good to have the world playing with American dollars allowing us to print more – but when we lend money to existence and the American citizen is in charge of this debt, we need the money to get around here too, if this is not the case, it is not good. And when it comes to what is good for us and for them – consider this: when we hypergonify other nations by giving them huge trade surpluses or free borrowed funds, we end up accumulating them and collapse them, so they don't trust trade, the West or capitalism.

Furthermore, when these foreign investors rush to invest this money here in a safe haven – we inflate our economy and the banks' reserves, then we lend more internally to our citizens to expand them and make risky loans, then we have the boom and bust cycles – now these boom and bust cycles are global, that is not a good thing for stability – politically, economically or peacefully.

If we are to have trade rules, everyone should accept free and fair trade, otherwise, ultimately, the flows are unbalanced and we put ourselves and / or our trading partners in place for wild swings and mayhem. Not wise.

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