Think Like a Billionaire, Become a Billionaire – Book Review


The subject of money, in some circles, is a subject that most pastors prefer not to discuss with their parishioners. I think this is a mistake. This topic should be discussed from time to time. Not to promote greed or worldliness, but to encourage stewardship in the believer's life.

Christ spoke of money more than any other subject during his earthly ministry. More than love, evil, sacrifice, etc. So why do we equate the rich with evil and poverty with godliness? This book offers biblical views on how we should think about money and how we should use it. While promoting a balanced view in her approach to money, the author does not require her readers to be worldly in order to achieve financial freedom and increase net worth. Quite the contrary, the author emphasizes that we have to put ourselves in the mind of Christ so that we can have a godly approach to money.

The author's goal, I believe, is not for the reader to want to become a billionaire. However, I think the point here is to change the way he thinks about money, persistence, faith, godly stewardship of resources, work ethic, and time management with a vision turned to God. And by doing these things, you will reap, in this process of this change, the reward of becoming a financially stable individual who glorifies God in his management of money.

I also thought that the binder at the back of the book offered some useful tools on:

  • Personal vision
  • Budgeting
  • Personal accounting
  • Bible references that change the mind
  • Discipline
  • Tips for getting good credit
  • The rewards and building a roadmap to saving
  • Time management
  • And more

My conclusion is that this book is a good read for laymen, including single and married, teens, church leaders, nonprofit trustees, executives, and business leaders. .

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