The Stars Shine Down by Sidney Sheldon: A Book Review


I got tired of mouse clicks and click pages on my laptop. Instead, I really wanted to have an impression of solid pages in my hands. It was then that I thought I would take a break and enjoy reading a novel, flipping through its pages for real from my favorite author, Sidney Sheldon.

I went to the nearest bookstore and felt compelled to buy three novels from him and hoped to spend weeks reading them, which is exactly what I did. One of these books was "The Stars Shine Down". I want to give a review of this well structured, well drawn and well designed novel. Read on for the review.

The novel describes a 17-year-old girl, Lara, who has a hateful relationship with her father because no matter how much she wants to impress and love him, he always transmits pungent remarks about her. After the death of her father, she dreams of erecting a building in a place close to where she currently lived in a boarding house. In the end, she materialized her dream and that is how she got started in real estate.

She also grew old and became a beautiful lady and everyone was fascinated at first glance. Yet she was the princess of America traveling from London to New York, from Rino to Rome, constructing buildings, hotels and malls. She succeeded and became a self-taught billionaire. Of course, she always helped. She also met her soul mate while traveling, who happened to be a pianist. They fell in love and got married. However, they came from different backgrounds, one erecting a skyscraper and the other absorbed by the music.

When all of her precious possessions seemed to collapse and she had almost broken up with her husband, a surprise birthday party for her husband, friends and colleagues made it all come to an end happy for her.

It & # 39; s a fabulous book to meet. I would recommend it to anyone interested in reading novels.

Some of Sidney Sheldon's bestselling novels are "Heaven Falls", "Tell Me Your Dreams", "Best Shots Made", "Morning, Noon and Evening", "Nothing Lasts Forever" and d & # 39; countless others. Almost all of them have been number one of the international bestsellers. His first book, "The Naked Face" was acclaimed by the New York Times as "the best first mystery of the year" and received an Edgar Award. Most of his novels have become major feature films or television. miniseries and there are over 300 million copies of his books printed worldwide. Undoubtedly, Sidney Sheldon reigns as one of the most popular storytellers of all time.



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