The Nature of Being a Dream Pursuer


Some of the most successful people in the world are dreamers. Or should I say, successful dreamers. It is not easy to be a dreamer and to pursue a dream. Many people dream but few pursue their dreams. Education has a lot to do with it. How you were raised by your parents, for the most part, determines whether or not you will pursue your dreams. Many parents will tell their children that they can become anything they want in life, but they put their thumbs down when they feel that their children are expressing an interest in pursuing a dream that has a unlikely probability of happening. The fact is that most dreamers who pursue their dreams fail. They fail because they have resigned. They give up their dream. They are influenced by those around them to take the road of well marked life, traveled by the masses, instead of the road which has no markers and, worse, leads you to other roads that have no tags. You see being a dreamer means that you are one of those oddities in life. You are outside and you are watching everyone doing what is safe. Being a dreamer involves many risks, so many variables. Frankly, it is a miracle that we have dreamers who pursue their dreams. So, you see, being a dream chaser is a very rare thing indeed.

Napoleon Hill, author of Think and Grow Rich, was a dreamer. He spent years, without pay, interviewing Andrew Carnegie (founder of Bethlehem Steel, at one time the largest steel maker in the world). Mr. Carnegie agreed to share his secrets of financial success with Mr. Hill at length. There were many secrets and many lessons to teach. During this long and lengthy interview process with Mr. Carnegie, Mr. Hill's family and friends urged him to stop wasting his precious and unpaid time with Mr. Carnegie and to get a job like everyone else. Mr Hill acknowledges that he has considered stopping many times. It was only through pure will and a fanatic desire to pursue his dream of discovering the secrets of success that Mr. Hill was able to continue. Although he hesitated, and often, he continued. He pursued his dream. It was not easy but we all know how the story ends. Think and Grow Rich is still today a successful self-help book. To date, it has sold more than 30 million copies. Simply extraordinary! What would have happened if Mr. Hill had listened to his family and friends and resigned?

The downside of being a dream chaser

There is a cost to being a dream chaser. It takes time to realize a dream. There may also be a financial commitment. What you lose by chasing a dream is potential compensation for the "lost" time chasing your dream. You can also lose money invested in the pursuit of your dream. There is also the emotional turmoil imposed on the dream chaser that wreaks havoc. The ups and downs of chasing a dream are enough to drive you crazy. One minute, you feel that your dream will come true only if the carpet has come out from below. The next minute, your dream seems to have collapsed, only for an event to occur that reignites the potential realization of your dream. Dream hunters know all too well what I'm talking about here. When your investment in time and money begins to affect your family and, perhaps, your friends, that is when the pursuit of your dream is put to the test. It is then that everyone around you will begin to tell you that it is time to stop chasing your dream; that you're just wasting your time. You will be told that you must remove your head from the clouds and stop chasing the brass ring. And these people are all right. Being a dream chaser means that you don't live your life like everyone else. You look outside. Most dreamers end their quest when their relationship with their immediate family begins to fall apart and fall apart. This is when most chasers dream of cutting the bait. Losing your family is just not worth the dream. It just isn't. The dream dies and the dreamer jumps on the well traveled road; intact family.

The advantage of being a dream chaser

Successful dream seekers (those who realize dreams) change the world. They are the reason we have TV, radio, planes, computers, cell phones, software applications, frozen food, toys, more black death. Dreammakers are changing the world we live in and reaping untold financial rewards. Rewards that can't be spent in five generations, let alone one generation. Dream realizers are changing the course of humanity. They prove that everyone is wrong and the masses jump from the road where they were to jump on the road traveled by the director of the dream. People are sheep. The followers are averse to the risk of the crowd. This is why when a dream chaser succeeds, he takes on a new status. He becomes like God.

If you have a dream that you are chasing, congratulations. I applaud you. Most likely, you will stop at some point. Almost everyone does. But I hope not. I hope this article will give you the inspiration to continue; to want to continue pursuing your dream yourself. The world depends on the pursuers of dreams. Without them, we would still be living in caves and painting on the walls.

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