The Marvelous Power of Your Abundant Mind


Thoughts are things … It's the big secret of Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill. Yet, to this day, many people still do not understand its depth. For someone who may not be familiar with the concept of an event, this seems like an absurd, even absurd statement! But for a person aware of success, it's a powerful statement! And this statement contains the biggest and deepest secret of life!

Andrew Carnegie was behind this idea. Young boy, he came from America to Scotland and grew up in poverty. He came from nothing to the world's first billionaire. Mr. Carnegie had thought it was unfortunate that … when we passed, all that knowledge was locked up in us and we had no real way to convey it. There were no organized success laws. And while he was listening to this thought, a young reporter by the name of Napoleon Hill was beginning to appear in Mr. Carnegie's physical world.

Napoleon had had a three-hour interview with Mr. Carnegie and at the end of the three hours he asked Napoleon if he wished to continue the interview. Napoleon said yes and spent the next three days learning Carnegies Laws of Achievement. Napoleon had come to the conclusion that the essence of the three days of teaching which was accorded to him was as follows. Any idea held in the mind, dreaded or revered, will begin to be clothed in the most convenient manner. and the appropriate form available. What Mr. Carnegie taught Napoleon was that all life flows from the non-physical.

The Universe operates omnipotent and orderly. These laws that govern the universe were not created by humans, so they can not be changed by humans. These laws of which I speak are universal principles which all the religions of the world have taught for centuries. These are ideas that are kept in the spirit and taught to us at a young age … For example, you will reap what you sow … whether it is good or bad. This idea is the great law of cause and effect. Every action taken in life produces a kind of result or effect that manifests itself in your reality. This law is here as the final game of the law of attraction which is more and more recognized.

There is a base to the law of attraction that most people do not know … It's the law of vibration. Feelings, thoughts and ideas are the most common vibrations. It is also the main way to make things happen in your external reality.

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