The Feng Shui "Money Bags" Chain Letter


Almost every year, I get a lot of emails containing a Feng Shui superstition. Some customers send me directly to have my opinion and if it is real. Well no.

It is also annoying and disheartening for me, as a serious practitioner, to see these crazy numbers games masquerading as Feng Shui edicts, when they are not, and only perpetuate the tarnished image that this natural science had to suffer.

In 2011, a calendar sent in cyberspace showed how a certain month counted five Saturdays and Sundays, how it happened every 823 years and that users had to send the email to receive a wind of financial surprise. In the 1970s, we called it a "chain of letters" and if you did not pass it on, something terrible would happen to you. Well, apparently, 2011 was not so special because there is another recurrence of 5 Saturdays and Sundays this year in 2012 too! Completely lost on the unsuspecting public is why the Chinese could even be fascinated by things that total the number 5.

The reason why some people are intrigued by number games is that there are actually quite interesting combinations of numbers that we take note of in the legitimate calculations of Feng Shui. Originally, various number calculations were codifications for real energy models and cosmological realities. Do not take the number literally, in other words. The number can actually represent a moment, a space, a sound or a light. For example, some calculations give significant numbers in astronomy, such as distances between planets. The current calculations are not only impressive, but also amazing when we realize that these equations were computed thousands of years ago without telescopes or space technology like what we have today.

If you do a web search only on the term "magic squares", you will find that since the beginning of time, mathematicians and astronomers of all ancient civilizations have been trying to unlock the keys of the Universe, observing the numerical schemes and their relationship laws of physics. It was also a time in history where astronomers and astrologers could sit at the same table and share their notes. The sequences of Fibonacci or Solfeggio alone are enough to reflect on the perfection and hidden secrets of our world. The Ying-Yang theory as it is presented in the Yi Jing (I Ching) is a sophisticated binary system that can also explain the continuous patterns in the natural world and in which man was created.

Even the compass is filled with meaning by numbers, such as each of the 360 ​​degrees, each representing 72 years old. When you multiply 72 x 360, you get to 25 920. In astronomy, a big year is about 25 920 years old. Numbers can often represent time or space. One must be fluent in this understanding, as a person who speaks several languages.

The first masters of Feng Shui were scholars. Among them, there were men who were familiar with astronomy, mathematics, engineering, geology, geography, cartography and calendar making. Many worked under the supervision of Chinese emperors, with the same weight and responsibility as a Cabinet member in the administration of our government. Some even advised on military strategy. For about 3,000 years, the information available in classical Feng Shui was considered so powerful that emperors often juggled between teachings and formulas (and numbers) in order to consciously disseminate erroneous information.

The goal was twofold: to keep your political or territorial enemies at a disadvantage by providing them with wrong calculations and keeping your own people oppressed and helpless, tinkering with the accuracy of the information that it could also to receive.

Sidebar: Someone, even today, does he trust that his government really cares for the interests and health of citizens?

Among all the Chinese metaphysicians and Taoists, there is an ethical code that would prevent us from saying that if you do not send e-mail, for the sake of God, something bad or unfortunate will happen to you. . This goes against all authentic spiritual practices. This perpetuates the misconception that Feng Shui is part of occultism, a kind of witchcraft.

I remember one of my favorite phrases from the song "I heard it through the Grapevine". And it looks like this: "People say you believe half of what you see / son and nothing of what you hear." So, if you read or hear something that is supposed to affect all people, all the time, it's probably not true.

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