The Elements of Change For the Millionaire Mind – Reconditioning


An informative book deserves to be reread. When you read it for the first time, certain events, suggestions or information stand out. When you reread it, so many new things can come to light, you may be wondering if someone has rewritten the book and put the new copy on your shelf. It was my experience with T. Harv Eker The secrets of the millionaire spirit.

I am in a different place from what it was a few years ago when I first read the book. I learned a lot and lived even more. You could say that a "new" me is currently reading the book.

Manifestation of abundance

Because of the work I have done in my own life to manifest abundance, while teaching others how to do the same, I decided to revisit this old friend, The secrets of the millionaire spirit. I was delighted to see its four step process for moving from the inertia of past beliefs and behaviors from the poverty mindset to the powerful millionaire mindset.

Eker's four-step process, fully complementary to the psychology of change, is:

  1. Consciousness
  2. Comprehension
  3. Dissociation
  4. Revision

What you think and do is not really who you are

Did you hear someone say or did you say yourself: "This is how I am." These seven little one-syllable words are the most powerful expression of getting stuck in any unhealthy situation you find yourself in.

It is nothing more than an excuse based on, dare I say, sheer laziness to do something about your situation or an absolute terror of what will happen if you change.

Realize that the beliefs you have about life, which include the manifestation of abundance, are not who you are. They were given to you by your parents and authority figures during your childhood. Every action you take is based on these beliefs.

If actions are based on beliefs, doesn't that mean that if you change beliefs, you can change actions? You bet this is the case.


Let's say you are in great physical shape. It is not easy. You have regularly conditioned yourself through exercise and diet. Then, without any fault on your part, you are in an accident and you break a leg. You are stuck in a cast for 4-6 weeks and are unable to follow your conditioning routine. The cast leaves and … what are you doing? You are undergoing reconditioning.

You do the same when you want to change the way you believe, think, feel, and act. If you want financial abundance, you have to think like a millionaire. You have to act like someone in the flow of abundance.

Discover the beliefs leading to behaviors that sabotage you. Develop beliefs that lead to actions that support the millionaire mindset. The manifestation of abundance comes from within you. You have to recondition yourself to think and act in such a way that you are a money attractor.

Are you ready for this Or are you one of those caught in the concrete of the seven words of a syllable, "This is how I am?"

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