The Big Dream Paradox


I want to share my experiences so I hope this will help inspire you and others (myself included).

To be honest, I really think we all fail at the start and

the funny thing is that the bigger your dreams are the more you want them

the more you fall. It makes perfect sense if you think

about that. If you want to earn millions of dollars by next year

you're going to be much more willing to spend thousands of dollars

now to get there that if you only wanted to make a couple

a thousand extra dollars by next year.


Because if you say to yourself with brutal determination that

you want millions by next year

then you will probably do whatever it takes to

reach this goal. If it means spending a thousand

for a program that promises to enrich your will to

do it because your stakes are so high.

Conversely, if you only want to make an additional couple

thousand dollars a year you go a lot more

conservative as to how you spend your money for profit.

This does not only apply to the amount you are willing to spend

unique offers, but that also applies to how

many times you will be ready to go

reach your goals.

If you don't want that much and the process you're going through

to get it starts to be a problem that you will give up. It’s simple.

But if you have an attitude to do or to die to make a whole

a lot of money that you will not give up so easily and you

put yourself on the line many times and many

greater risk.

So, just a short piercer of my thoughts. . .

So here's my little story. I am a young man, i am 24 years old and never

since i started working full time i have

the feeling that the normal world of work was not for me. I have

dreamed of much more for me. I have a good job which

I love it, but for some reason, I never really got to

make yourself comfortable if you know what i mean.

So, I started to think … "how can I get out of this".

The wheels have turned in my mind and the first thing

who came to me was real estate. "Lots of people get rich

buy and sell a house "I thought. So I decided

I would try. To save you the details, I now have a

apartment building and a 4 bedroom house, and both are

major headaches in my life. In fact, I had to go to the eviction

court today to remove a death beat pennant.

But real estate is a way for my end of financial freedom

and go out of 9 to 5. (in fact, if I ever get my number

together i should try to put an ebook together on my real

real estate experiences)

At one point, while I was saving money to buy my first piece of real

I was struck by the affiliate marketing bug.

I went to a conference and learned that anyone could

a few dollars by bringing someone to buy via an online link and

Besides, some people who were doing this were making millions and I

has been sold. I spent a lot to learn everything I could about marketing

online. I think my first eBook was Google Cash!

Then I was struck by the network marketing bug.

I wanted this "leveraged income" everyone is talking about

I spent about six months cold calling and having them

tell me over and over while spending $ 500 a month

on credit to get leads and not make any money.

After six months of time, like all sensible humans,

sick of hearing no and having people hang up the phone in my face.

I learned to call people for network marketing was not working

me. But I decided that I still wanted to network

marketing job but I had to find a way to do it where I

didn't have to hang on all the time.

Pouf! I came across Site Build It, especially on the network

marketing sales page, that seemed to be the exact answer

that I was looking for. So, I quickly bought a Site Build

He website and started a site I call "Perfect Home Based Business

Opportunities "despite the competition problem.

In six months, I wrote over 400 keyword-targeted pages and 85 articles

and started more link campaigns than I can count. I now have a site

who receive around 100 visitors a day.

I got discouraged for about a month, but decided that it was

what a normal person would do, and that is why normal people

go to work everyday and do jobs they hate. I decided that I couldn't

live that kind of silent chess life, then. . .

I found inspiration for my site and I'm leaving. My website

was built with network marketing in mind, but I hadn't found any

program that I really and really wanted to promote, so I felt

lost. Until the time when I was in a forum, like

this one here and i found what i consider after great

a lot of study to be a phenomenal network marketing program

to support my site – pleas don't take that as some kind of

advertising, but rather a view of the human psyche. and i did

some commissions of $ 20 on my first day!

Ahh. . . Sweet success.

I was ready to abandon my site and continue, but

a small change happened and now i am operational again.

Invigorated and ready to conquer the world with the same

vision that I had started online with.

During this whole ordeal, I have accumulated a debt of more than

$ 500,000 to date (most are mortgages, but good

$ 20,000 was spent on setting up a profitable online business).

Don't forget i'm only 24 years old so i don't do much

money to start.

My only point is that I will not give up and neither will you.

Dream big and you will most likely fail at first, but if

you never lose sight of your vision, you can't fail in the long run


That's my story for today. Let me know what you think. . .

I hope this has been a useful inspiration to you who are still struggling.

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