The ARTS Of Home Buying


Since, for most people, the value of their home is their single most important financial asset, it wouldn't make sense to proceed with caution, when deciding that the time is right, for you to buy. and own a home? A major part of the so-called American Dream, few people proceed, in the wisest way possible, when pursuing this priority. Indeed, when done correctly, buying a home depends on professionalism, design and recommendation, ARTS, to do. In order to avoid seeing your desired dream turn into an unwanted nightmare, this article will attempt, briefly, to consider, examine, revise and discuss, using the mnemonic approach, what this does means and requires, and why it is wise to learn and use.

1. Analyze; assess; asset: Do not proceed haphazardly, but pay close attention and fully analyze all the positive and negative aspects! Know your personal needs, goals, and priorities, be carefully introspective and objective about them, and fully assess all aspects of what is involved in purchasing that specific property. Protect this most valuable and valuable asset, and proceed wisely!

2. Region: What factors regarding the region, area, neighborhood, etc., could have an effect on the value of a certain property? What do you need, where you live, in terms of amenities, safety, shopping, transportation, education, etc.? Do these add or reduce the value of the property?

3. Taxes: How are the property taxes in your proposed area compared to other comparative taxes? Have you taken into account what this might mean in terms of monthly fees / charges and expenses? What impact does the 2017 legislation, which limited local and state taxes to $ 10,000, have on the value, in terms of offsetting those costs, on your federal income tax?

4. Systems; solutions: Have a professional inspector and / or engineer carefully examine your major systems and components, thoroughly and completely! You don't want to buy a Silver Pit, and if, you end up, with a major and unforeseen repair, it can become your unhappy state! Instead of just looking at and examining what you foresee, as a problem, it makes sense to consider, obstacles, as challenges, and highlight, to discover the key solutions, which will make your life experience happier!

Buying and enjoying a home means knowing and effectively using both the sciences and the ARTS of this process! Are you ready to reduce stress for a lot of other people and enjoy it?

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