Ten Steps to a Ten-Figure Income


See yourself in billionaire status Do you think it's difficult to get ten-digit income status? There are currently about 3 million millionaires out of the 300 million inhabitants of the United States. That equates to about 1% of the total population of the United States! Statistically, almost one in 100 Americans is a millionaire! Let's go a little further. There are about 360 billionaires in the United States. The ranks of the super-rich are growing every day. After all, the progression from a millionaire to a billionaire is only three orders of magnitude (1,000), requiring only thousands of millions of dollars. Can you see yourself in this number? Basically, it takes ten steps to reach a ten-figure income. How many are already in your life? How many areas still need work?

1. You must have a vision

For those who love old musicals, remember the South Pacific song "Happy Talk". The choir gives this wonderful warning:

"you must have a dream

if you do not have a dream

how are you going to realize a dream? "

So simple. So true. So important. Yet, too many people go through life without vision at all. How can they have their dreams come true? Do not let that be said about you – that you do not have a dream; no vision. Write your vision articulate your vision; embrace your vision; follow your vision. If you are about to become a billionaire, the first step is to define your vision.

2. You must have a strong why

So you want to be a billionaire? Why? This is not a trap question. Because if you do not know why – if your "why" is not strong enough, you may never reach the first six-digit level. Make sure your "why" is bigger than you are (bigger than your "wants"). Once you have exceeded the six-digit level (monthly or yearly, one or the other) and you always climb higher, believe it or not, the "things" will start to you bother. There must be a higher call that requires you to continue to progress higher and higher. Locate your why!

3. Surround yourself with successful people (mentors)

There are people who have made this trip before you. They traced tracks and went to school hard shots. Some of them have written books. Some have courses that can be purchased. Some offer personalized support. Some have already died, but their biographies have been written and you can read about them to find out how they located their why and how they followed their dreams. Learn from these pioneers! Let them show you the way. Why turn your wheels by reinventing the wheel?

4. Locate an income vehicle that can produce 100K per month

If you want to dig a small pond in a corner of your garden, a shovel may be suitable. If you are digging the foundations of a 100-story skyscraper, you may need a little more than a shovel. What about massive earthmovers? If you are serious about a ten-figure income, you will need a revenue generating vehicle that will suit your goals. Stop messing around with article marketing for $ 15 and $ 20. Only the most expensive products will take you where you want to go. Find the best vehicle to meet your projects.

5. Create leverage with network marketing (people working for you without the headache of employees)

That's the oil tanker J. Paul Getty who said:

"I would rather earn 1% on the efforts of 100 people

than 100% of my own efforts ".

It is such an assertion that it is almost self-evident. The sad thing is that so few people will solve this in their lifetime. Many of the network marketing opportunities available today provide individuals with incredible leverage using the efforts of many others. This must be included in your steps to earn a ten-figure income.

6. Invest wisely; Invest like the rich; Pay off debts

Middle class people work for money. The rich make their money work for them. Middle class people pay interest (in debt to their eyes). The rich have an interest in paying them. It's a simple fact, the rich know how to invest and know how to get a reasonable and consistent rate of return without high risk. Learn from them to put your money to work. If you want to be rich; learn from the rich and act as rich.

7. Develop healthy habits: Work Out; Exercise; Eat well

Another quote from J. Paul Getty:

"The individual who wants to reach the top of the business

must appreciate the strength and strength of the habit.

He must be quick to break these habits that can break him –

and look forward to adopting these practices that will become the habits

that help him achieve the success he wants. "

Today you are the set of choices (big and small, good and bad) that you have made every day in your past. It has been said that it takes 21 days to form a habit. Whether true or not, you can certainly use it to create good habits in your life. Having good health (and a healthy mindset) is as important to your wealth as any business model you could join. Your body is your friend. Treat it at least as well as your vehicle. (Would you put sugar in the fuel tank of your car?) Your brain is also your friend – give him more good news than bad.

8. Aiming for excellence

Aiming for excellence does not mean that you have to be perfect. But that means you have to do everything in your power to be the best of yourself. This is closely related to # 7, in that you can not abuse your mind and body and continue to reach greatness. You also can not make a shy effort in your efforts. Pursue your dreams with all your heart. And do your best. Pursue excellence with as much discipline as a champion athlete. It will pay!

9. dream; Envision; Meditate

This step is closely related to # 1.If it is imperative to have a dream (name), it is also imperative to dream (action verb). Keep your dreams and goals in front of your eyes by using pictures and meditating. Some people use a "dream board" or "goal map" to help imagine exactly what they want to look like in their future. Some list the goals on 3X5 cards and review them daily. Others still write (in the present) what will be their life in the future (as they already lived their dream). T. Harv Eker (Secrets of Millionaire Spirit) says: "Whatever your goal, increases …" So stop spending time on what you do not want! Concentrate on what you want!

10. Never Never Never Left!

Failure is not a failure until you quit. This is only when you throw the sponge and quit that you will never fail. Not achieving the goal is not failing. (Hey, you started, is not it?) Changing direction is not a failure. Judgment errors do not fail. Making honest mistakes does not fail. Failure is never a "lack of success". It's simply staying in place after your trip or your fall. The failure is to give up and go crazy when you think the situation is too difficult or that you let negative thoughts tell you that you can not do it. If you have set a goal of ten-figure income, keep one foot in front of the other, no matter what life is all about. Whatever you can believe and conceive, you can do it.

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