Ten Quick Digital Marketing Tips for an Ecommerce Startup in 2018


There are plenty of ways to promote your ecommerce startup now, but when there is a lack of funds and every resource matters, you better pay attention to every step you take. Here are some digital ecommerce marketing tips, tricks, and strategies that should help you better promote through digital marketing for your ecommerce startup.

1. Facebook profile as a tool for promoting your E-commerce startup

As you've started your e-commerce and it's time to tell the world about it. Be the seller you should be and sell. There is no better place to sell than the house and no better people to sell to than friends. They wouldn't be the first to buy, that's another story, but you need to focus on the startup on your profile. Don't sell the products directly, but sell your customers' experience, their testimonials, and everything you and the company do.

2. Stop wasting time and money on increasing likes on your Facebook page.

Organic reach is at an all time low. Yes, you can hope that most of your customers can be from Facebook, but spending money on Facebook likes is just pointless these days. Fewer likes and more website visits will lead to more conversions, focus on increasing your eCommerce website audience.

3. Don't use the post boost feature on your Facebook page

The next temptation is to click on the boost post because Facebook says it helps you reach more people. It is true, but it is imperfect. The right way to boost posts is to go to your ad manager and target as broadly as possible. Make sure you choose interests, demographics, and behavior with your target audience in mind.

4. Don't use Twitter to just promote, use it to find customers.

There is a tool on Twitter that most people don't seem to use. Advanced search. Use it to find customers looking for the products you sell, then tweet them in the most personalized way possible. Lots of companies do the same, you should try this too.

5. Instagram should be at the heart of your mind.

Photos speak a thousand words, those on Instagram can also get you to order. Upload photos of all your products, customers, related images, banners and just about everything one by one. Add all the hashtags in the world that are relevant to your product. Add your web address and a phone number if possible. Slowly people will find out. Sales will be slow.

6. Write about your startup, share your experience

Now it's a subtle, but not-so-subtle, way of getting your startup to reach your audience. An article I read recently had me order a Socrates t-shirt. Stories about your startup, blogs you share your experience on, posts on LinkedIn about your business can earn you partnerships, admirers, and clients.

7. Email marketing

The most important thing that most people miss these days. Now, don't start sending mass emails to lists that you bought on the internet, but do it carefully and correctly. Once someone gets in touch with you, it is your job to engage them and make sure they come back.

8. Partner

What you cannot do alone, you can do together. Try to look for partnership opportunities, try to see how you can benefit each other by partnering with someone. This is often the most overlooked aspect of all, yet the most effective.

9. Participate in events

Don't just attend events anymore, but look for ones where you might end up finding people relevant to your field. I have made a lot of friends over the years on the internet, and many have turned to some of the most helpful people over time. It's not the number of people a person networks with, but the people they meet that matters. Meet people offline, connect with them online, build relationships for life.

10. Stop selling

Yes it is. Don't sell. Just become incredibly interesting. OK, a little interesting to begin with. This is how Happily Unmarried, Chumbak or Daily Objects got so big. They have become so interesting over time with their products, promotion and more. It took them a long time, maybe a long time as well. But if you focus on becoming more interesting with your products and as a business over time, you will spend less time selling your products over time. Get interesting, people will want to buy each other.

Hope these 10 Affordable Digital Marketing Tips for an Ecommerce Startup will help you run this ecommerce portal well and better market and promote your startup. Good luck!

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