State Of Mississippi Owes Citizens $38 Million In Unclaimed Money


The state of Mississippi is home to some of my favorite things: catfish, sweet potatoes, and rootbeer (invented in Biloxi in 1898). The Mississippi Treasury Department has also become the home of something that tops my list and probably also yours – money. Unclaimed Mississippi money, to be exact. "Almost one in five Mississippians has more than $ 38 million in cash to be claimed", said Mississippi State Treasurer Tate Reeves in a recent press release. This is certainly good news for the many families who have suffered losses due to the hurricane in recent years and who are now facing serious budget setbacks.

When people die or move to a new place, they often forget to leave a will or transfer address, which results in the loss of inheritance and mail. Tax refund checks, financial notices and the like are returned to the sender (IRS, banks, insurance companies, etc.). According to treasurer Reeves, "They are required by state law to deliver them to the treasurer's office after a period of dormancy. After this dormant period, they hand it over to the state. We publish a book every three years and send it out through various media, ".

According to a recent report from NBC & # 39; s Dateline, a number of lucky Mississippians have recently found their lost funds and it was actually a pleasant shock for most of them. A resident of Biloxi, MS, discovered that he had $ 30,000 in an investment that his late father had not told him about. A couple who lost everything in the recent hurricane received $ 250,000 from the unclaimed property in Mississippi. Another woman who was struggling to rebuild homes for herself and her mother received $ 100,000. Gordon White, was building his dream home when Katrina struck and was forced to live in a caravan with $ 200,000 of bank shares that her father had kept secret. One of the biggest claims to date concerns a Vietnam veteran who was forced to retire from his position as a company supervisor due to post-traumatic stress. It turned out that he was owed him nearly a million dollars of old shares in the company which he had forgotten after his retirement from this company.

If you or a family member has lived in Mississippi before, chances are some of Mississippi's unclaimed $ 38 million will also belong to you or a family member. Look for unclaimed money in Mississippi as well as in other states now. The total of the unclaimed national fund now exceeds $ 35 billion and the money is just staying, waiting for the rightful owners to go ahead and file a claim. Doing an online search for unclaimed money can be as simple as putting a person's name and other identifying information in a database of unclaimed assets. State. It becomes difficult, however, to do extensive research in several states – a good idea if you have relatives scattered across the country. The best way is to learn proper and in-depth methods online to perform effective unclaimed money research.

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