Secrets of Success: Holton Buggs of Organo Gold


Holton Buggs, current vice president of sales for Organo Gold, has gone from relative obscurity to considerable importance within the network marketing profession. With more than 20 years of experience in the industry, Holton has gone from "rags" to incredible "riches". Retired at 27 and earning multiple 7-figure earnings, Holton not only generated incredible sales volumes for companies around the world, but he broke many records during the process.

Holton is the creator of "How to Turn Your Network Marketing Business Into a Cash Cow", a best-selling training program he developed to share with distributors his techniques for building sales teams world class. Holton was also featured in the Millionaire Magazine & # 39; s Billionaire edition in the article titled "Millionaire Maker" as well as co-author of "Conversations on Success" with Jim Rohn, Brian Tracy and John Gray.

But things have not always been like this for Holton. Very early in his engineering career, Holton found himself in extremely frustrating financial situations. Just 45 days from foreclosure, over $ 250,000 in debt, and after experiencing the humiliation of taking back his car, Holton made a decision that would forever shape his future.

He decided it was enough. Shortly after this decision, a friend presented him with a network marketing opportunity and Holton jumped on both feet. Her life has never been the same since.

But is Holton Bugg's record "too good to be true?" How could a man have achieved such success.

First of all, Holton Buggs is incredibly passionate about personal development. He believes that anyone can have the level of success that he has achieved if he is working to become the best person possible. Holton encourages entrepreneurs to invest heavily in the most important part of their business: themselves. "I firmly believe that the number one investment a person can ever make is in their own improvement," says Holton.

Holton encourages network marketers and entrepreneurs to be very aware of their "why" or their motivation for starting their business in the first place. He advises them to use this motivation as their "guiding star" to keep them going through difficult times and to help focus their activities for dynamic success!

As Vice President of Organo Gold and a dynamic component of their training system, Organo Gold University, Holton's message, energy and motivation reaches hundreds of thousands of lives around the world.

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