Secrets Of A Millionaire Landlord – Book Review


By: Robert Shemin, ESQ. (2002)

ISBN 0-7931-4825-1

Book Price: $ 28.95

Leading real estate investor

Robert Shemin is a nationally recognized owner in the United States and a successful author of the Wall Street Journal who became a millionaire in the early 30s, investing in real estate. Shem earned a law degree and an MBA from Emory University, Atlanta. He has completed more than 450 real estate transactions and owns 100 properties.

Share secrets

Robert Shemin provides 12 chapters sharing his millionaire owner secrets. He discusses, to start as an owner (Ch. 3), to find good tenants (Ch. 5), to collect all the rent, all the time (Ch. 7), to keep good tenants (Ch. 9 ), evictions. .. how to avoid them (Ch. 10), protect your interests with insurance (Ch. 12), and more.

Sound, practical, experiential, advice

Robert Shemin is pleasant and concise in his presentation; freely sharing precious keys while relaying his journey, stating, "The first thing I learned about the tenants … Most believe they are not treated very well. They don't like their owners … all of this has been synonymous with "great opportunity". … a viable plan includes treating tenants as important customers. "

Robert's information is practical; he learned principles by experience. Following his rules should lead to success. He expresses: "I strongly prefer low-end duplexes and two-bedroom houses for maximum profitability. They have lower upfront costs and lower maintenance costs … they are easier to rent in an economy in drop … do your research. "

When Shemin gives advice, he is presented in a relaxed manner. He shares about ideal tenants, saying, "… the best tenants are older people who … are likely to stay in one place and live quietly … target … the elderly."

Robert displays positive business characteristics that are transferable to all businesses for success. He informs, "To prevent tenants from leaving, set up a tenant retention program that is based on how you treat them – a theme throughout this book and throughout the business … We also offer rewards when they move in … "

Shemin defines the terms before tackling them. It states: "" Rent-to-own "means that the tenant rents your property with an option to buy it … I think you are always better off making a hire-purchase / lease option with houses and duplexes … "

A proven strategy for success in real estate

Robert Shemin presents a viable and proven strategy to succeed in real estate investing for homeowners.

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