Retired Millionaire Review


It's been almost two years to the day that Chris Everson and Destin Cribbs have decided to launch The Retired Millionaire package on the world stage. January 4, 2008 saw its introduction to Internet Marketing. If its designers are to be believed, the full package contains over 200+ resell rights products, web templates, starter booklet that provides Internet marketing newbies with the tricks of the trade and teaches you how to earn money. 39; money thanks to Internet marketing and secrets and other information known by all the "big guns" – short cuts to rake with a good profit.

1. Runaway Success.

A few weeks after its launch on ClickBank Marketplace, The Retired Millionaire became a "Hot New Product", securing 2nd place at the ClickBank Hall of Fame. It seems that The Retired Millionaire has appeared at the right time to capture the imagination of Internet marketers around the world. Despite this meteoric rise in marketing charts, rumors quickly spread among dissatisfied customers who had bought The Retired Millionaire and considered The Retired Millionaire not everything it was supposed to be. Following dissatisfaction that continued to spread, Chris Everson and Destin Cribbs published their own statement via IM Newswatch. They stated that:

"It is up to you to check the accuracy of the information and content, and judge for yourself whether they are good / reliable / acceptable or not …"

2. Pay attention to the buyer.

Obviously, this is Caveat Emptor, or "Buyer, beware!" Clearly, the responsibility lies, fairly and directly, with the person purchasing the product. There is plenty of evidence available on the Internet from which the potential buyer can gather sufficient evidence to decide whether or not to buy The Retired Millionaire package. Whether or not you are likely to become a millionaire from the information it contains is questionable.

3. If you buy it, use it.

However, in my own experience with information kits like The Retired Millionaire, many people buy the product and do nothing with it – they store it for a "rainy day"; another percentage of people will buy the product and read it – but still won't implement anything they read. By far the smallest percentage of people will practice what they have read and learned – and find that they are making money from the information they have obtained from the product – but only after intensive marketing for about 6 months.

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