Reception of Chinese series in international markets


The rise of Chinese series has been dazzling. Although there have been Chinese series dubbed into other languages, the rise of series with compelling stories and excellent production has helped to gain international attention. To meet the growing global demand for series, China has undertaken government-funded projects to translate series into other languages ​​like English, Arabic, and French among different languages, and other initiatives. were taken to promote the series abroad.

Chinese series work for an international audience

Chinese series are a hit with international audiences because they meet the expectations of global audiences without compromising the quality of the series. A Chinese series has up to 40 episodes, while a European or American series ends in 12 episodes. China International Television Corporation or CITVC reduced the series to 50 episodes The legend of Bruce Lee to 30 episodes for the international market very successful. He might not have had the same success if he had released all 50 episodes. The adaptability of content to the audience is a factor for which international audiences watch series.

The Chinese are among those who are subjected to the stereotypes of the Western public. Chinese series, in addition to providing entertainment, help to break down stereotypes among international audiences. That the global audience can relate to the characters in the show and help dispel misconceptions. Additionally, international viewers can make up for the lack or availability of subtitles as they find the emotions and visuals sufficient to convey meaning.

The success story of the Chinese series

More than 200 countries receive Chinese video content, including Chinese series, and Chinese TV content accounts for up to 60% of all TV content exported to the world. The Chinese television industry, of which the series are a part, is estimated at $ 400 million. Chinese series Revelation of life, which revolves around a love story set in a big city, ranked top of television audiences in Mongolia after being translated into Mongolian. The very popular series in China Ode of joy, which reflects the joy and sorrow of the Chinese people, will be translated and broadcast in Portugal after being translated into Portuguese.

Feather flies to the sky, which tells the story of Chinese entrepreneurs, was the first film from China translated into Filipino and aired on a local television station in the Philippines. The series managed to gain an average of 15 percent of the total audience. Other series like The young doctor and Age of entrepreneurship have also found success in the Philippine market. Various episodes of series like Legend of entrepreneurship were translated into Spanish and broadcast on SERTV, Panama’s national broadcaster.

The series Such a beautiful love was broadcast on ABS-CBN, the Philippines’ most famous TV channel, and could garner an audience share of 15.9%. Seeing the popularity of the show, ABS-CBN cooperated with Huace Media, the producer of Such a beautiful love, and other Chinese television companies.

China sells the rights to increase the popularity of its series. Shanghai Limnon Pictures owns the copyright to the series Huyao for broadcast in countries such as Singapore, Vietnam and Malaysia.

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