Psychic Predictions in Dreams and Nightmares: Use Them to Change Your Reality


Distinguish psychic dreams from nightmares

This article will focus on premonitions and psychic dreams, highlighting the difference between psychic dreams and nightmares, and the positive insights that both provide. I have been repeatedly asked if a recurring nightmare could be a telepathic message, containing psychic predictions about negative future manifestations.

The thought of a scary and disturbing dream coming true, can be very overwhelming! So I would like to minimize the negativity around this topic and clarify some common misconceptions about psychic dreams, nightmares and the nature of their messages.

Based on my knowledge and experience of working with psychic dreams, there is a clear distinction between psychic or telepathic dreams – and nightmares.

For example, some typical nightmares, like dreaming of a lover betraying you, or losing all your money, or losing something you are attached to, are not signs of genuine telepathic predictions. True psychic dreams do not contain negative feelings or emotions. On the contrary, living them can be very positive and uplifting.

Characteristics of an authentic psychic dream

A psychic dream contains information that predicts something positive, primarily related to a person's personal growth and spiritual development. It can even be a positive message about a friend or loved one or even a pet! This information is being sent to you from higher dimensions, by your spirit guides or by your deceased loved ones, to guide you and give you more understanding about something important in your life.

Nightmares are not telepathic dreams!

Don't be afraid of nightmares

Contrary to popular belief, even though they are unpleasant, nightmares do not contain any negative or disturbing meanings. These are simply messages from the subconscious mind, their purpose is informative and enlightening!

They provide invaluable information about difficult situations and challenges in your life that you may have been trying to solve for a while! They are a suggestion to erase long standing blocks and come off! Are like a wake-up call!

So, rather than being afraid of a nightmare, you can view it as a friendly and helpful resource, a vector of valuable and stimulating information! Use his advice to change or improve your life, get out of stagnant situations, move towards your goals and successfully manifest your desires!

The power of your subconscious

The subconscious mind is very powerful, it holds 95% of the power of the mind and directs most of our daily life. It supports all the autonomous functions of the body and is always active, running in the background. It controls our behavior, decisions and actions,

If you are facing challenges that seem impossible to overcome using rational, logical approaches, it's probably because they have a deep root in the subconscious.

Unfortunately, while we are conscious or awake, it is almost impossible to access the deeper layers of the subconscious and find the source of the problems. It requires either being in a deep hypnotic, deep meditating, or dreaming state, for that part of the mind to be present and interact with us.

So, communicating with your subconscious through your dreams, and interpreting the nightmare messages, offers a way to access information about the hidden beliefs that run in the background, which impact your life in every way. days, appear as blocks and get in your way!

How to interpret nightmares

Here's a practical example: if you happen to dream of a lover cheating on you, rather than seeing it as a self-fulfilling negative prophecy, know that your subconscious is only trying to communicate with you, you will. making it known, that – although you may not consciously know it – you have a deep fear of being abandoned or rejected, which can prevent you from having nurturing, loving or successful relationships, and that if your goal is to have a healthy, happy and fulfilling life, it's time for you to let go and heal this fear !!

Get rid of your unconscious fears

It is important at this point to talk about the power of hidden negative emotions and beliefs and how they impact your life. If we have a strong subconscious fear about something, that fear can surface in dreams, but also, can end up attracting what we are afraid of, manifesting as a real event.

This explains why sometimes, if an unpleasant element in a nightmare, can actually occur in real life, it is considered a psychic premonition.

According to modern science and quantum physics, beliefs, thoughts and emotions are made up of measurable waves of energy and continuously broadcast their frequencies in the environment and in the electromagnetic field of the cosmos.

The quantum field and its magnetism

The Law of Attraction (Law of Resonance in Quantum Physics) states that they act like mirrors, they magnetize and in return attract, similar frequencies.

An emotion such as fear has a weak and very heavy magnetic energy field, and if it is very powerful when it is rooted in the subconscious, since it is running in the background, it continually emits its negative charge, magnetizing towards us, the same heavy negative. frequency of energy, attractive situations and circumstances that end up creating the things you least want or fear!

What you can do to change your life

So, if you have recurring nightmares, you can try to remember them as soon as you wake up, keep a dream journal, and do your best to interpret their message and identify any subconscious fears or negative subconscious beliefs.

Having a quality psychic reading, consulting a trustworthy intuitive reader with expertise in interpreting psychic dreams and nightmares, is the best way to access this information.

Once identified, fears can be healed and neutralized, dissolving their negative charge, eliminating their interference in your body, mind and daily life!

Medical intuition, psychic counseling, law of attraction coaching, hypnosis, EFT, NLP or a combination of these are the most effective methods for change negative conditioning and reprogramming the mind with positive healthy beliefs, which will translate into positive results in all areas of your life, finances, relationships, career, health.

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