Most Expensive Vodka Brands


If you are passionate about vodka, you know how relaxing the drink can be when taken responsibly. The fact is that the market has many brands of vodka whose prices vary and this determines what an individual can appreciate in terms of accessibility. Some of the premium vodka brands are too expensive for an ordinary vodka lover. In most cases, the cost will depend on what was used in the production of vodka. Some go through unique and expensive production procedures; therefore, they tend to be more expensive. The style of the vodka bottle can also determine the price.

For example, producers use platinum, gold, diamonds and other treasures to adorn vodka bottles. Additions drive up prices and the bottle can be kept as a souvenir and they can also add a touch of beauty to a home screen. Some expensive vodkas are also accompanied by unique gifts, hence the prices. The expensive options are simply luxurious in every way. Here are some of the more expensive brands of vodka you will find on the market.

Kors Vodka

The brand has different editions of vodka like Kors Vodka 24k which costs $ 24,500. He also has Kors Vodka Gold for $ 16,500. Kors is a brand known to be cherished mainly by members of the royal family and celebrities, as well as by billionaires. Vodka goes through the diamond distillation process, making it the best quality. The bottle is uniquely and luxuriously designed, which adds to the high price of vodka. Prices are certainly not a problem for those looking for the best vodka they can find. This brand is very popular among celebrities and billionaires.

Iordanov Vodka

He comes from Russia and has an illustrious past. It has limited versions and you will have to part with $ 4,150 to enjoy the vodka. All this thanks to the 14,000 Swarovski crystals that are presented on the bottle making it very attractive.

Oval vodka in Swarovski crystal

OVAL is a leading vodka brand around the world and this limited version of the brand has Swarovski crystals, which makes the bottle cost $ 6,922.

Vodka Magnum Gray Goose

Gray Goose is also a famous brand in the world and this special edition has precious jewels Chopard is incorporated to create an impressive unique cage for alcohol. A bottle of vodka costs $ 815.

Absolute crystal

Going for $ 1000 a bottle, the alcohol is made in an expensive extravagant container. The fine vodka is housed in a bottle with fine crystal stripes, which makes it very attractive.

Diva Vodka

It is extremely expensive with a bottle for $ 1,000,000! Yes, one million for the production process of perfectly diamond-based purification vodka from Blackwood distillers. The bottle is magnificent with a studded crystal stick that crosses it.

Russo-Baltic Vodka

It is very expensive at $ 1,350,000 for a bottle of the name of the American household with each container containing diamond illustrations with yellow and white gold.

Billionaire Vodka

It is probably the most expensive in the world with $ 3,700,000. Only billionaires can afford this vodka for sure and it contains over 3000 diamonds, making it a real financial investment as ridiculous as it sounds.

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