Montessori Billionaires


Google's founders, Larry Page and Sergey Brin, have not only rewarded billions of dollars for their ingenious discovery,, but have indirectly created the greatest impact on billions of people around the world. As young preschool children in a Montessori school, they learned to gain knowledge about the world. Now, with the click of a mouse, thanks to these famous opinion leaders, their creation on the Internet brings information on this same world to our computers.

According to an interview with ABC-TV Special by Barbara Walters, "The 10 most fascinating people of 2004", they attributed to their years as Montessori students the determining factor of their success. When asked if the fact that their parents were university professors was another factor, they replied, "No, it was in a Montessori school where they learned to be self-reliant." and enterprising. " They stated that Montessori had allowed them to think for themselves and to give them the freedom to defend their own interests. "How remarkable businessmen who have experienced such success back their independent thinking until the years of preschool training.

As parents, we often think that this period of life is not as important as the academic years, but guess what? The weather has turned out differently. Mr. Page and Mr. Brin are excellent examples of creative thinking because they wonder … "Why not?" They even went one step further in their innovative thinking by making their business public. To be fair to ordinary people, they allowed them to bet on the shares of their company's public offering. They were not limited to the big wealthy banks, but thought of people who had the right to make profits, as well as Wall Street. Has this awareness been instilled in their thinking through the Montessori Cosmic Education that we are all in the same universe, honoring and respecting the whole of humanity, the Earth and everything in it? Did their debut at Montessori allow them to consider their work colleagues as they were taught at the beginning of their schooling? Did they remember the contributive, non-competitive spirit that resonates loudly in a Montessori class?

Yes, it was not just about money, but about making fair and honest decisions during their journey to success. Money always seems to follow successful innovations, but aid choices are made only by outstanding business people. The exemplary commercial dynamics of Mr. Sergey and Mr. Brin, combined with their creative unchained attitudes, have created an ideal formula for their type of success … the success they attribute to Montessori tuition. From kindergarten to market, Montessori made the headlines. No other teaching method has received such honor and recognition as those given to Montessori by the founders of

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