Message From the Universe: Thinking Ahead of Time


"Oh, because you were wondering …

You are ahead of schedule. It's time to learn to let the rest go.

It doesn't matter if others talk about you. They feel the profound effect you will have on humanity.

And yes, you can pretty much coast from here. Remember that coasting trade means you will stay on the move.

TV will suit you,

The universe "

As an entrepreneur, it can be difficult to pinpoint the path of our business. Will he succeed? How long will it take? Am I on the right track? Am I missing something? Am I on a different tangent that will not lead me to the desired destination? Am I doing something wrong? Am I doing everything right? How much longer? How much more should I invest? What will be my return on investment in time, energy, money? Am I below the minimum wage? Should I limit my losses and stop? If I stop, and finally realize that it was the biggest mistake of my life, will I be able to pick up the pieces of my life and move on to other projects that my brain can create? Or will I let myself go into an abyss and see someone else succeed in my project with a minimum of effort on their part? Or? Why? How? 'Or' What? When? Now should I keep asking questions on your behalf or are you getting my drift?

These questions are normal. It is not because you feel insecure about what is going on in your life and do not know which path to take which will give you the best possible result, but because ; as an entrepreneur, no one will point you to the best possible path. Your gut will give you the tools, will do its best to steer you, but you have to listen. Sometimes the easy way is the best way. Sometimes you are so far advanced in your ideas, in your logic, in your vision that what you are doing now is so much above what anyone can imagine, and your ideas are of it future, of a very distant future. You are just ahead of your time, now thinking of what a brilliant scientist can only think of with cutting edge technology. In 1991, I created Compumatch, a system that will bring college students together to socialize. This system would become global. You can say it was Facebook's predecessor. I had it in my hand. I could have been the Mark Zuckerburg when I was only 19 years old in Montreal, Canada. It was very difficult to get start-up capital, so I abandoned the project. I regret? Who would not do it? I would have been one of the richest people on Earth and probably the youngest billionaire on this planet. I guess I had no direction and being an entrepreneur in 1991 in Canada was just seen as someone who uses drugs. However, I moved forward and did not let myself be bothered and I pursued other projects and businesses. Obviously, NO one of them is making me a billionaire yet. Time will tell us!

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